Gregory P. from Thibodaux, LA

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How easy was it to install your system?

It was very easy to install having the YouTube videos to reference and Sterling’s expertise. The YouTube channel was very helpful in installing my own system.

How did you decide on Alarm Grid?

The fact that I was able to install my own system and have it monitored with no contract to sign.

Does Alarm Gird’s monitoring make you feel safer?

Yes, I often travel out of town and have the peace of mind knowing my home is monitored.

Have you had a security system before?

I had an Alarm System with ADT, I was able to use the same type of hardware with Alarm Grid, so there was nothing new to learn on the operation of the system.

Would you recommend Alarm Grid to friends?

You can really do it yourself and have it professionally monitored. The Alarm grid team is very friendly and knowledgeable. If you call for help, you don’t get the "we’ll have to send out a tech", you get answers and get it fixed.

How do you use your interactive services?

I have to run out in the middle of the night for work sometimes and with Total Connect, I can arm/disarm the system remotely and have my family fully protected.

Do you have a good customer service story about Alarm Grid?

My family and I were out on vacation and I received an email from Sterling stating that my system was offline and to give him a call so we can get it back on line.