2GIG ANT5XL GC2: No Adaptor Needed for LTE Communicator

2GIG ANT5XL GC2: No Adaptor Needed for LTE Communicator


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hi diyers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be showing you how you can set up the 2gig ant 5xl gc2 antenna without an adapter uh you can just plug it right into a 2gig gc2 or gc2e cellular communicator you're not plugging it right into the panel itself but you're plugging it into the communicator for the panel but no adapter is needed um it's got this gold connector piece right here and it just pops right in um it's actually going to replace one of the two antennas that comes with the with the cellular communicator and that's what you'll find with a 2gig gc2e cellular communicator it's going to come with a pair of antennas now this is going to replace the the main antenna um there's actually two antenna ports so there's one called div and there's one called main um so the antennas go to separate places uh you're gonna keep the div one and you're actually gonna keep that like tucked inside the panel and then you're going to take this one connecting it to the main port and you're going to have it going well we're going to run it through the through our board here and what you would normally do is you would have it installed or mounted uh high up like possibly in your attic preferably facing the nearest cell tower depending on the carrier 18 t or verizon depending on what you have but really you just want to get it high up to get the best cellular signal possible because the reason you're using this is because you you probably live in a rural area or your business is in a remote rural area it's far away from a cell tower really cellular communication it's it's really pretty good today so um if you're using an antenna you're really you're pretty far out there most likely you don't have a strong cellular signal um now your alarm monitoring company will be able to do a cellular test for you um to let you know hey you don't have strong signals you need a way to boost your signals um and you see this is a pretty hefty antenna here it's a pretty large one you're gonna see the antennas inside they're actually um considerably smaller so this one it's it's pretty good size so it works pretty well um but if you do need to increase your cell signal strength then it works pretty well and you can use it with um any of the lte communicators so it's versatile but we're gonna show you how to install it into our 2gig gc2e communicator today we already have the communicator installed that was a different video um but let's go ahead and do this uh so first of all we're going to open up the panel um so we're going to take off this front cover here and we're going to set that aside and you see we have our two locking mechanisms here they are already undone so we don't have to worry about that but we just need to go and pop this open here let's get the first one and then the second one you see we have a panel tamper message there we're going to just press okay we're not really worried about that right now um so we're inside here the first thing i'm going to do i'm going to take the third hand here and i'm just going to have it like that so that way my hands are free and so we need to power down the system before we make any hardware changes so uh let's undo the backup battery and let's undo the ac power here we have the the end of an lt cable here so we can conveniently just unplug it from the barrel connection if you uh had it connected with um the terminals here then you probably want to just um you know undo the transformer um let's see if we have an example of a transformer here um do we yeah we do um right here this is what it'll look like way i can get it over um this is what it would look like um something along the signs uh this one i i think that the specs on this one are different but this is pretty much what you'd be looking for here so um let's go ahead and make sure everything's plugged in because like pretty sure i unplugged the gc2 in the process there so we're just going to plug this in real quick just bear with me one second here okay so we got everything plugged back in i'm just wanted to take care of that but you see it is powered down we because we undid it through the barrel connection see the system is powered down make sure you do that before making any hardware changes very important so uh we have our um antenna right here so let's uh get it attached so i'm gonna undo the the i don't know what this is called the twisty cable thing um we're gonna take that off um and so we have our connector piece right here and we want ours to go into the main port you see there's div and then there's main uh we're going to take out the the main one here and we're going to set that aside let's see if i can get it just trying to be sort of gentle with it there we go got it and so let's take out this antenna that we had hiding in the back see how much smaller this one is compared with this one so we're really getting a big cellular boost here um so this guy we don't need any more um now we do have um our div antenna and that one's actually also heading in the back apparently um so we have that in the wrong spot we want to just tuck that somewhere inside the panel really really i can probably just leave it right there that's that's fine because we're going to be taking this one and we're going to be plugging this one into the main port and we're going to be sending it through the back and we're going to be moving it far away from the system ideally mounted high up as i described earlier so you can see we don't have an adapter here we just can take it and we can just plug it right in and you get a nice click once i press it in and three two one there we go nice click and so now we can take this and we can just um we would mount it high up but for our purposes we're just going to get it up and out of the way um so that way it's away from the system like i said you want to have the div antenna and the main antenna in separate locations they should not be in the same spot and the main antenna which is this one um that one you should ideally just have it you know mounted high up towards a cell tower so and we're fine with our um with our div antenna right there so we can power our system back on now so for a wireless system we'll do our backup battery first just plug that in and the system doesn't power on until we do our ac power and we can just um do the connection there and we can verify that the system is coming on um i might need to check the transformer there um because i was i might have unplugged it earlier um so we're just going to tuck this guy in um and i will get the system back on before we go and uh conclude this video but let's see if i can tuck the div antenna in there i might need to just wrap it around something here um maybe you can stay right there perhaps now let's see if we can get this closed there we go and so we do need to find the transformer that i unplugged so let's go search for that so we're just gonna go take a second here to find that um let's see here okay there we go um so our system powered back on it had to get the ac power uh before it would power back on so we have the battery and the ac power inserted and we have the antenna installed and connected and you saw we did it with no adapter we just plugged it right back in we have our div antenna hanging out inside the panel and then we have our main larger antenna that we just installed going back out behind our video board where we would hopefully mount it up high somewhere towards a cell tower to get a better sell signal so that is how you add a 2 gig ant 5xl gc2 antenna without an adapter you don't need an adapter so if you have any questions about the 2gig ant 5xl gc2 antenna or about the 2gig gc2e or alarm monitoring services send an email to support alarmgrid.com if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video and remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos we hope you enjoyed the video thank 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