LTE Communicator Antenna for GC2 & GC2e

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The 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 is a cellular antenna designed to boost the cellular signal strength of a 2GIG GC2 or GC2e. This can be critical for ensuring consistent and reliable communication between the control panel and the Alarm.com service. Buy the 2GIG-ANT5XL-GC2 and keep your system connected.
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The 2GIG-ANT5XL-GC2 LTE Communicator Antenna will boost the cellular signal strength for a 2GIG GC2 or GC2e that is connected with an LTE network. By using an antenna, the panel will experience better cellular signal reception and more reliable communication with Alarm.com.

One of the most important things you can do for a 2GIG GC2 or GC2e is to ensure reliable communication. Whenever an alarm event occurs, the panel must be able to send a signal to the Alarm.com servers. Alarm.com then forwards the alert to a central station and/or to the end user, depending upon their alarm monitoring plan. If the panel fails to communicate with Alarm.com, then monitoring is not possible. Additionally, the antenna will also facilitate better communication when receiving signals from Alarm.com for remote control and home automation.

With flexible mounting options, the 2GIG-ANT5XL-GC2 is easy to install. Adjusting the antenna will help to promote superior communication with the cell radio tower. This is achieved by getting the antenna up to ten (10) feet from the main panel. The antenna can even be rotated in the direction of the cell tower, while also allowing the user to avoid obstacles that may cause interference. The antenna will only work with GC2 and GC2e LTE Communicators. These include the 2GIG LTEA-A-GC2 AT&T LTE Communicator the 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC2 Verizon LTE Communicator and the 2GIG LTEV-A-GC2 Verizon LTE Communicator which is no longer available from Alarm Grid.

The 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 connects directly to the 2GIG GC2 or GC2e cell radio module. It should be connected to the receptacle marked "Main" and replaces one of the antennas that comes with the communicator. The ANT5XL-GC2 antenna includes a built-in 10-foot cable, and it has an IP65 weather protection rating. Even with its IP65 rating, the device is better-suited for use in an attic than an outdoor setting. The antenna measures 195mm by 39mm.


  • Product Type: Cellular Antenna
  • Compatibility: GC2 & GC2e LTE Cellular Communicators
  • Coaxial Cable Length: 10-Feet
  • Weather Rating: IP-65
  • Connector Type: MMCX Plug
  • Antenna Dimensions: 195mm by 39mm
  • Operating Temperature: -4 Degrees Fahrenheit to 149 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Outdoor Use: Yes

Brand: 2GIG

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Photos would be very helpful. You're welcome to drop them here, or you can send them to support@alarmgrid.com and put them to my attention. I'm sorry the antenna isn't working.
Julia <u>thank you again</u>. Spoke with dealer - issue identified, long story --- but thanks to your help and time earlier today we figured it out. Even though this was helpful for me, I wouldn't blame you for removing these posts. You all are the best. Appreciate it.
Hi Julia, Thanks so much for your response and time. I was reading over PDFs and 2GIG documentation and agree, it <i>should</i> absolutely fit. I can confirm the unit does <u>not</u> have broken connectors, the DIV and MAIN are the same. I can also confirm the ANT5XL-GC2 has a completely different connector than the two antennas that came with the LTEV1-A-GC2. I find is so bizarre this antenna connector does not fit into it. The unit is clearly labeled and packaged as a "2GIG ANT5XL-GC2" and the communicator is the "LTEV1-A-GC2". By all accounts, it should fit. Unless this unit for some reason was repackaged or returned, which I don't think it was. Very bizarre. The signal is also the same with the stock antennas so no issue with broken components. Clearly the attic antenna has a pin where one should not be. I'll get in touch w/ a dealer but I wanted to thank you again because there isn't much info on this, and many of the 2GIG exterior antenna reviews (NOT from your site) seem to have issues, I just wonder if there's more to it. Definitely incompatible connectors, happy to send photos if helpful. Thanks again for your time.
Hi Rob, I have updated the product description a bit to try and make it more clear. I also called and checked in with 2GIG technical support, just to be sure we had this description correct. The connector on this antenna should be exactly the same as the connectors on the two antennas that came with the LTEV1-A-GC2. You should remove the antenna from the receptacle marked "Main" on the communicator, and plug the ANT5XL-GC2 in in its place. If you had the original antenna connected, and then disconnected it, you may have accidentally broken off that connector, rather than unplugging it from the communicator board. Fortunately, the two antennas that came with the communicator are exactly alike, so as long as the connector for the other antenna is still good, you can simply leave it connected to the receptacle marked "Div" and you should be good. This is the diversity antenna and is meant to sort of go in the opposite direction of the antenna connected to "Main".
Hello, I just wanted to clarify when you say this attic antenna is compatible with the 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC2. I'm running that LTE unit now on my GC2E panel, and I purchased this antenna. The connectors are not compatible. The ANT5XL-GC2 plug appears to have a "pin" in the connector, I believe this is a MMCX plug. Problem is the 2GIG LTEv1-A-GC2 board where you plug the antenna into, also has a "pin". Which antenna will actually work with the 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC2? Just sharing in case the description on your page needs updating, and apologies if I'm mistaken on anything here but it definitely does not work with the LTE Verizon Communicator.
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