2GIG Edge: Activating on Alarm com

2GIG Edge: Activating on Alarm com


https://www.alarmgrid.com/faq/how-do-i-activate-the-2gig-edge-system-on-alarm-com http://alrm.gd/get-monitored.


hey diyers george from alarm grid here today i'm going to be going over how to activate your new 2gig edge system on alarm.com so there's going to be a couple of things you have to do for the majority of the process though the alarm company that you guys choose is going to do most of the work there might be a thing or two you guys have to do um which i will explain here in a second so the first thing is understanding what alarm.com is that is the service that alarm companies use to activate your two gig systems um alarm.com is a web-based platform it is also an application that you can download on your phone that allows you to control your alarm system when you have it monitored and activated from your cell phone or the website it lets you arm and disarm lets you control any z-wave devices you have tied into the system if you have alarm.com cameras you can look at video feed if you have the svr you can look at 24-hour streaming from those alarm.com cameras there's a lot more i can go on days about this but today i just want to talk about what you have to do to activate the system so the first thing you need to do is get the imei number we actually have a video on that um on how to find the imei number there's a couple of different ways uh it's very easy it's nothing difficult so make sure you check that video out to find the imei on the system but you will need to have the imei because that is what this the companies use to activate your 2gig system so the imei is basically think of it as like a unique identifier of the system that alarm companies use to communicate to your system and not somebody else's so every panel will have a different imei or serial number and that's how alarm companies like us activate and speak directly to your system only so once you have the imei the next step is to find the company that you guys want to use we offer a bunch of alarm.com plans that you can sign up for when you sign up for alarm.com on through us we are going to ask you for the imei and that's where you enter it in once we have your sign up or once the company of your choosing has your alarm sign up the rest of it is pretty much in their hands there's one other one other step you guys will have to do which will be a cellular radial test so they're going to create an alarm.com account with your panel serial number or the imei and once they create that account they're going to require you and you want to usually get a technician to either do this on the phone for you if you're using a local company they'll probably have somebody go out and do the cell test themselves but if you're a diy-er we're going to walk you through how to run that cell test on the system and we're actually going to make another video on the cellular radio test as well so there's two things right you sign up for the imei or i'm sorry you get the imei number uh you're going to sign up for the plan providing that number the alarm company will then create the account and you're going to send a cellular radio test from the system and once you send that seller radial test your system is pretty much reporting to the alarm.com account and you can start using the application uh for remote control you can start having the system monitored uh it all depends the service you guys sign up for and what features you're looking for uh really fast i actually wanna show you guys because we activated this two gig edge system and i have what the welcome email will look like if you were to be monitored with us if you're going with someone else it might look a little different keep that in mind but here's what it looked like here is what it looks like with us so once your alarm.com account gets created you're going to receive an email like i said this email or this alarm.com account was created by us alarm grid so that's why it has our logo at the top the company that you choose may have a different logo it's up to you guys but basically it's going to look similar to this it's going to say you know hey your name welcome to alarm grid inc or your alarm company's name it's going to give you a temporary it's going to give you a login name and it will give you a temporary password once you hit get started you're then taken to the setup of alarm.com so those setup or that setup wizard that you will get um you can do it from your phone you can do it from a computer uh you can download the app basically it's just gonna walk you through the whole thing it's very self-explanatory it's gonna ask you for your name it's gonna ask you for e or for your address um basically the walkthrough walks you through setting up your whole alarm.com account um and if you guys need help or if there is any confusion with that you're more than welcome to contact the company that you went with for monitoring if you chose us our technicians are here monday through friday nine to eight pm eastern and they're more than happy to walk you through any questions you may have so those are two quick very easy simple steps to get your 2gig edge system activated on alarm.com if you guys have any questions about how to activate it if you're still unclear about something please feel free to reach out to us support alarmgrid.com feel free to call the number at the top of our website if you guys found the video helpful please make sure you guys hit like underneath subscribe to the youtube channel and hit the little bell icon so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified i'm george from alarm grid i'll see you guys next time