2GIG Edge: Bypassing Zones

2GIG Edge: Bypassing Zones


In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid shows you how to bypass a zone on the 2GIG Edge Security System. When you bypass a zone, you are telling the system ...


hi diy-ers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be showing you how to bypass a zone on your 2gig edge security system so first of all what do i mean by bypassing a zone so when you have a sensor that's enrolled with the system already and you want it to be temporarily inactive for a particular arming session you can bypass the sensor so that way the system will ignore the sensor for that arming section the sensor will still be enrolled with the system but just for that one arming session or whenever whenever until you un-bypass the sensor it will be ignored by the system and not able to trigger an alarm or an entry delay countdown it's basically telling the system hey i want to leave this door open or i want to leave this window open or this motion sensor it doesn't matter if there's activity this particular arming session it's going to ignore that sensor so it's a good alternative to actually having to go and delete the entire sensor and then reprogram it which would be kind of inconvenient so you have the option of bypassing a sensor so we have a sensor that's enrolled with the system right here it's just a simple door and window contact sensor you know we open up the door window and you see that we can choose to bypass the sensors that are not ready as in they're in the they're in a faulted state um they're not closed so if they were not bypassed then they would potentially trigger an alarm on the system so we can go and bypass all and then we have to enter in a code which we usually use our master code for this which we have ours at the default of one one one one and you see that we have bypass star sensor right there so i'm going to go ahead and click on this to cancel the bypass and i have to enter in a code again we'll use the master code again one one one one now that's a good way to bypass the sensor if this sensor is already faulted let's let's close our door window or window right there um so we have our system in our right arm state now what if we wanted to bypass the sensor when it's not faulted like it is right now well there's an easy way to do so what we can do we can click on the settings icon in the bottom right corner there and we can enter in either in our installer code which is on the default 1561 or we can use our master code again which ours is at the default one one one one and then you see we have an option for bypass sensors right here and this will show any sensor that you can bypass on the system you can also choose the show bypass sensor button down here to isolate the sensors that are already bypassed if you want to see what's bypassed maybe if you have a lot of zones on your system that can be pretty useful but right now we don't have any bypass sensors so i'm just going to tap that and i can choose to bypass the sensor right there and you see we get into our ready to arm bypass state so right now the sensor is bypassed if i were to arm the system right now then nothing would happen so let's let's demonstrate that uh let's go ahead and um we'll arm stay and uh we'll we'll wait for this countdown to expire it's just gonna take a minute or so but we'll wait for that okay so now our system is armed stay um but remember our sensor is bypassed so when i fault it nothing happens it's ignored it's ignored by the system entirely um so now let's try disarming the system and then uh we'll try um faulting the sensor above the sensors we'll try faulting the sensor while it's not bypassed so right now the sensor is not bypassed if i go into the bypass menu here remember that's the settings icon and then one one one one if your master code's at the default you probably changed your master code hopefully um and we choose the bypass sensor you see that it's not green it's not toggled on this sensor is not bypassed right now so we know that our sensor is not bypassed let's try arming the system again and then seeing what happens when we fault the sensor when it's not bypassed you'll see that this time when i do it um it's going to trigger an entry delay countdown we'll have to disarm within the entry delay period or else we'll get a nasty alarm on our system so we don't want that so let's wait out this um exit delay countdown period although this is armed stay so it's more of just a countdown period because we can remain inside the building but let's see what happens when we fault it after that this is after the system is fully armed okay we have our system armed so let's try faulting our not bypassed entry exit zone and you see we get um we get our countdown we have to disarm before this countdown expires or also an alarm well car so let's enter in our master code and there we have successfully disarmed our system so so that should show you a little bit of the difference between a bypass sensor and a non-bypass sensor you can bypass a sensor to have it temporarily ignored by the system it's a good alternative to deleting the sensor outright and then having to reprogram it entirely from scratch now there is one last very important note that i really want to make sure i get in this you cannot bypass life safety sensory zones so that is like a smoke detector a carbon monoxide sensor those are 24-hour zones and you cannot bypass them they will not appear in the bypass menu so if you were to enroll one you would go and see your list of sensors in there i'll show you again the settings icon and you can use let's do our installer code one five six one that's the default installer code we go into the bypass sensors menu it's only gonna show sensors that can be bypassed zones that can be bypassed it's not gonna show any um life safety zones those cannot be bypassed so that's something to keep mine if you have a smoke detector you have a carbon monoxide sensor you're not going to be able to bypass the sensor so don't go looking for it anyway so that should give you a pretty good overview of bypassing sensors on the 2gig edge security system great way for the system to temporarily ignore the sensor so that way you don't have to delete it fully if you have any questions about bypassing sensors on the 2gig edge or about the 2gig edge in general any questions about alarm monitoring services send an email to support alarmgrid.com if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video and remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos we hope you enjoyed the video thank you