2GIG Edge: Changing the Master Code

2GIG Edge: Changing the Master Code


In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid shows you how to change the Master Code on your 2GIG Edge. The default Master Code on a 2GIG Edge is 1111.


hi diy-ers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be showing you how to change your master code on your 2gig edge security system so the master code it's your main arming and disarming code um it's the code used by the primary system user if you're the main user of your system then you're probably the one with the master code if you're a secondary user then maybe you have your own personal user code and you don't necessarily have access to the master code but there are a few special things that the master code can do which i'll show you a little bit of those and i'll also obviously show you how to change the master code and i want to stress it's very important that you change your master code um the default is one one one one and a savvy intruder will try that code and attempt to disarm the system that way there are lazy users who don't change their code and that's a big no-no um you should absolutely change your master code you don't necessarily have to change your installer code which that default is one five six one but you can keep that at its default so you can get into programming easily even if you forget the code because that code cannot be used to disarm the system but your master code can be used to disarm the system so you absolutely want to change that um just give you a little quick demonstration here if i go to arm away and the systems the system's in the arming away countdown period the exit delay countdown and i go to disarm then i have to enter in a code or i can potentially use facial recognition if that's set up but in our case let's just focus on codes here today so if i enter in the master code which ours is at the default uh one one one one then you see that we have disarmed system at 4 20 pm so if we want to go and um change the master code then what we can do we can press the settings icon in the bottom right corner and then we can enter in our current master code which is at the default one one one one we can also use our installer code for this one five six one which that's the default unless you've changed yours um well it's still the default but you've changed it anyway um so once you've gotten to this menu you can choose users and then you see we have a few different users here we have a test user which um that's just a regular user code that one's not going to have the authority to get into this menu i'll show you that in a second you see the code is four four four four but let's say we want to change the master code we see we have our master user right here and we can click the settings button the little pencil button you may encounter a regulatory statement when you first do this if you do that you can just preferably read through it and scroll to the bottom and click accept and you'll be good to go but in our case we already did that so we don't have that menu option there so if we click on the option for access code then we can enter in a new code let's do seven seven seven seven and then once we enter the code we press next and then we have to re-enter the code we have to confirm it with the system so we'll do seven seven seven seven just to confirm it and we'll press save and we have now changed our master code so let's uh test this process again first of all i wanna show you that um the the regular user code from earlier it can't be used to enter into this menu um you can't use it to change the code see it says access not authorized now they shouldn't be confused with entering a non-program code let's say we enter in 888 which is not programmed at all it says invalid access code so we get a different message there so that's something to note there but if i enter in the new master code 7777 you see we do get access to the menu now let's also look about arming and disarming here so we have our system currently disarmed and let's say we go to arm we're arming our system and now we want to we want to disarm our system and we'll try doing it with our master code let's say we still think our master code's at the default of one one one one one let's see what happens no invalid access code we've changed the code that code no longer works with the system so we have to enter in our new master code 7777 and then the system does disarm an alternative like we have that program code four four four four let's try using that code so if we do that that that code also disarms the system so both of them work um so you can do that with valid user code um just just to show you can't do it with the installer code let's try that one five six one nah you're not doing that with the installer code so don't try using your installer code for arming and disarming that code is just used for getting into programming so let's set our master code back to the default because we just use our system for testing purposes this isn't actually an armed uh 2gb security system in your case if your system is armed absolutely change your code change your master code protect yourself protect your property so we'll click the settings icon down here we'll use our installer code this time which ours is at the default one five six one we're into the settings menu we can choose users and we're gonna select the master users and then we're gonna choose access code and then this is where we can provide the new code we're gonna set ours back to the default one one one one next and then we confirm it one one one one save and there we go we've set our master code back to its default of one one one one and this is also where we can set up facial recognition and bluetooth disarming which are other ways that you can disarm your 2gb edge security system other methods could include using a keypad which you would also need a code for or you can use a key fob which is just a quick handy press of a button in that case you don't necessarily need to remember a code or you can use the alarm.com service if your system is monitored through alarm.com then you can use the alarm.com mobile app or the alarm.com website using a compatible web browser to disarm your 2gb edge security system we have our access code sent back to one one one one we're good we're happy we're ready to go so that is how you change your master code on your 2gig edge security system if you have any questions about the two edge security system master codes or the two gigabyte security system in general you have any questions about alarm monitoring services send an email to support alarmgrid.com if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video and remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos we hope you enjoyed the video thank you