2GIG Edge: Entering Programming Mode


In this video, John from Alarm Grid shows you how to enter programming on a 2GIG Edge system. The 2GIG Edge is an all-in-one ...


hey diy-ers this is John from alarm grid today I'm going to show you how to enter programming in a 2gig edge panel now we're starting here at the main screen what you will first do is press the little gear right there that indicates we're going to go into programming mode you want to enter the installer code this is important because it's going to give you a whole different set of options and that's what we're doing see the default installer is one five six one this brings up the installer menu completely different options what you want is the installer toolkit if you're not used to this thing the installer tool kits down here where you can't see it so you want to slide up to get to it here it is installer toolkit looks like a little tool kit all right that brings up your programming the programming options that you may want to use now actually we're going to go into panel programming and then I'll bring it up in panel programming there are assorted things that you may want to use the first all of these icons of course bring up a sub menu the wireless zones and that's probably one of the first things you'll use because you're probably setting up if this is a new system you're probably setting up wireless zones and this is where you'd open and close your Zone you're the open and closure devices and it will automatically um register into the panel and basically do the work for you it's very nice but this is where you would do that and this is probably an important thing for a lot of you to go back is hit the back arrow button Advanced programming you probably won't need this but this is where these things are I mean initially you probably won't need these things but system configurations here timers panel configuration troubles reporting you're probably not going to mess with this unless you're really setting up something kind of complicated and you can get out tapping the back arrow so that's how you enter and exit programming in a two gig Edge system questions you can email us at support alarmgrid.com or go to our website alarmgrid.com if you found this video helpful like And subscribe and hit the Bell icon for notification this is John at alarm grid have a great day