2GIG GC3: Disable Quick Exit

This video shows you how to enable and disable the Quick Exit feature, which lets you leave the house without having to disarm the system.

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A home security system is designed to protect you from out-of-the-ordinary events such as burglaries, fires and flooding. But the system still needs to be compatible with your everyday life.
This video provides information on the 2GIG GC3’s Quick Exit feature, including a guide to disabling the feature. Understanding how Quick Exit works helps make daily life with the system easier while reducing the chance of a false alarm.
As the tutorial details, a home alarm system has several different settings depending on the situation. When all occupants are away, the alarm should be set to detect movement of the external doors and windows, which could signal an intruder attempting to enter the home.
When anyone in the family is at home, you’ll have less armed zones. Otherwise simply walking around your house can trigger a false alarm. But you can still allow for free movement within the house without having to sacrifice security. You can still monitor the exterior doors and windows for movement. Plus, you’ll also want smoke, heat and cold monitoring in the house.
Quick Exit lets you enter and exit the home easily while avoiding the hassle of turning the entire alarm system off and on. Simply press Quick Exit and leave the house – the system stays armed. Note that Quick Exit will only work when the alarm is armed to Stay, not Away.
Imagine a typical morning. Family members leave for school and work at different times. The first ones out the door can use Quick Exit to keep the system armed, while the last one to leave can set the system for an empty house.
The Quick Exit feature is active by default for the GC3. Many households will prefer to just keep the feature enabled. But turning off Quick Exit is also quick and simple, as shown in the video.
First, you’ll click the 2GIG symbol in the top right corner of the display screen. You’ll then be prompted to enter your Installer Code. The default code is 1561. We also have a video on setting the Installer Code with more information.
The tutorial then leads you through the Question-Based Programming section. You’ll learn how to navigate the system to find Question 16, which is where you can then disable the Quick Exit feature. Finally, the video will help you make sure you save the new setting properly.
A home alarm system only provides value when operational. You’ll want your GC3 armed most of the time. The Quick Exit feature lets your home stay secured while also allowing for easy movement between inside and outside.


Hi DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. We're back in the Alarm Grid lab here working on the 2GIG GC3 panel. That's the newest Go!Control self-contained wireless alarm system. We're working in programming today on question 16-- allowing or disabling the Quick Exit feature. This is a feature that allows you, when the system is already armed stay-- not armed away-- to basically reset your exit delay.

So if somebody's in the home and the system is armed-- maybe you need to go to work in the morning but your family's still in the premise and it's armed already-- you want to be able to exit, keep the system armed. It's an easy feature, when enabled, to simply press Quick Exit. You have the exit delay period to exit the home and then it'll rearm automatically to Stay mode.

So by default, this feature is enabled. So I recommend keeping it that way unless you have some security reason to disable it, but we'll show you how to disable it anyways. So the first thing I'm going to do is pop into programming. Now, there's two ways to enter programming on the Go!Controls.

One is by hitting the 2GIG symbol on the top right and entering the installer code, which, by default, is 1561, and then hitting System Configuration and Panel Programming. And it'll show you how to get into the question-based programming here. So I can show you how to get in the other way at the end of the video, but this is usually the easiest way-- just 2GIG on the top and then get into the installer toolbox.

The first question is the installer code. We'll leave that at default for now. You can go all the way down here. Just grab the screen and push down to question 16. We'll select 16 there-- Allow Quick Exit Arming. You can enable or disable this.

Again, by default it's enabled, so you'll see it's already toggled to enabled. If we wanted to disable it, to prevent this feature or this button from being on the system during armed stay mode to allow a quick exit, then just toggle this to Disabled. And then in order to back out, we'll hit Return to System Configuration.

You'll see that the Panel Programming symbol here is orange. That means something needs to be saved. If you go to back out, this is where it will show you what changes have been made in programming. So it says Q16 has been disabled. So that's Allow Quick Exit is basically disabled now. So now we're not allowing the quick exit to occur.

We can always save to lock in a change there. And then it'll bring you back to the Home screen. And--

[? Disarmed. ?] Ready to arm.

We'll see it's ready to arm. And that's really all you need to do to disable the Quick Exit feature. If you have any other questions in panel programming regarding the 2GIG GC3 panel, you can email us at support@alarmgrid.com. And don't forget to scribe our channel.