2GIG Panic1-345: Changing the Battery

Here is our detailed tutorial explaining how to change the battery on your 2GIG Panic1-345 wireless panic button.

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Keep your 2GIG Panic1-345 wireless single-button panic remote in smooth working order by replacing the battery as outlined in our video.

The video discusses how to take the back cover off and access the battery before moving showing you how to snap the old battery out.

It then moves onto a description of snapping the new battery in and how to put the back cover back onto the device.

Follow these simple steps as outlined in the video to replace the battery of your 2GIG Panic1-345 and ensure it keeps working for years to come.

Though the device does have a long battery life of up to 2 years, depending on use, it’s likely you’ll need to change the battery eventually. The battery included is a lithium coin cell battery.

Note that the device itself won’t alert you that the battery is low. Instead, it will send an alert to whatever wireless security system you have it paired with.

A popular choice is the 2GIG GC3 wireless security system. When the two devices are enrolled together, the 2GIG Panic1-345 will send an alert to the security system that the battery is low.

Change the battery as quickly as possible once you receive this alert. Letting the battery run all the way down sacrifices the effectiveness of the panic button.

Our comprehensive video tutorial shows you exactly how to program the 2GIG Panic1-345 panic button to the 2GIG GC3 security system.

The panic button is designed with emergency situations in mind. Press and hold the single button as outlined in our programming video to communicate an alert. This video describes how the alert is then rerouted through your security system to central station.

Other videos discuss how to program the 2GIG Panic1-345 in more depth. You can set it up for medical, police, or fire emergencies. It’s easy to tailor who it contacts when pressed depending upon your needs and preferences.

Note that the 2GIG Panic1-345 comes with a wristband, a lanyard, and a wall mount clip. These allow you to keep the device close to you at all times. You want it as close as possible in the event that an emergency situation arises.

2GIG recommends checking the battery of the Panic1-345 once per year to maintain good working conditions. The steps outlined in this video are useful for checking its life as well.

Ensure that the battery is still charged and working properly. Doing so means that the panic button will work when you need it to.

That’s the value of changing the battery of the 2GIG Panic1-345 wireless panic button – it guarantees the device always works when needed to contact medical, police, or fire dispatching in emergency situations.


We have this sensor right here, in a few pieces, that it comes in in the box. We have the front button here. And the back. Then you can see where the battery will go in. We'll take the plus symbol, facing up, and snap that right into the battery compartment. And we can close this puppy right up. OK, we have that snapped shut. And now we have our panic button.