Activating Panic Mode on a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System

Activating Panic Mode on a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System

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In this video, Jarrett from Alarm Grid explains how to use the panic buttons on a Honeywell Lyric Panel. The Lyric has a red exclamation mark button on the front of the panel. If you press and hold this button, then you will be taken to a panic menu. You can then choose a panic function to activate.

There may be times when you want to manually activate an alarm on your Lyric System. This may be because there is a burglary, fire, or medical emergency. While it is always recommended that you call 911 in these situations, it may be faster or more convenient to activate a manual panic on your Lyric Panel. When you activate a panic on your Lyric System, you are essentially putting the system into alarm mode. The system will forward the alarm to a central monitoring station so that action can be taken. Please note that activating a panic on your Lyric is really only useful if you have central station monitoring service.

The Lyric System has four (4) zones that are used with the panic buttons. These zones are numbers 995 thru 999. The four panic buttons are named Fire, Medical, Police, and Local Alarm. You can adjust the settings for these buttons from within system programming. If you set one of these zones to the Response Type of Not Used, then the associated panic button will not appear in the panic menu when you go to trigger a system panic. Please note that panic alarms can be set to audible or silent. An audible alarm will trigger the system's siren when activated. This can be useful if you want everyone else in the building to be alerted to the alarm. A silent alarm will not activate any sounder. This can be good if you want to discreetly trigger an alarm without letting others know.


Hey, DIY-ers. Jarrett with AlarmGrid here. Today, we're going to talk about how you would activate the panic mode on your Honeywell Lyric System. If you wanted to activate the panic button in the Honeywell Lyric, what you do is just tap-- you're going to press and hold actually the little circle button with the exclamation point at the bottom left of your Honeywell Lyric screen. And this is going to pull up the panic options that you have set up. Now, the panic options, you can have it set off for a fire panic, a police panic, medical, or even set off a local alarm. Now, these zones or these panic options are actually assigned to specific zones, which are within the programming of the alarm system and they're assigned to zones 995 through 999. And you can even change these zones any time you want to. If you needed to switch or anything around, you just go into the zone programming and you're going to go to the very bottom where you'll see zones 995 through 999 but you'll be able to change those up however you want them to or wherever you want them to be. Now, when you're setting up these zones, if you were to change the response type to none or not used, then that specific zone or that panic option is not going to show up in the panic menu. So when you're press-and-holding this button as you see the panic options come up, if you have any of them set as not used for the response type, they're not going to show up. You're only going to see the ones that are set to be able to work whenever you do press that panic option or the panic button. Now, if you ever wanted to-- or actually there are different ways to be able to set off a panic for the Honeywell Lyric instead of going here locally in the system. You can set up key files with the system as well. Normally, a lot of our customers do set that up too. If you want it to, you can use either the Honeywell 5834-4 key fob or the Honeywell 6-fob. And you can set up any of the buttons on the key fobs to set off a panic, but normally, the panic option or the panic button is set up for the star button that you'll see on that key fob. And normally, when you press and hold that, you can trigger the panic or the panic on the Honeywell Lyric. So there is another option for a panic button if you wanted to set that up. It is a fixed panic button. These are the ones where you would normally set up at like banks or convenience stores where you would have them hiding underneath the desk in case there was a robbery or anything like that. Now, that panic button is called the Honeywell 5869. This is just a fixed panic button that stays in one location. And if you ever needed or if there was ever a situation you need to press that panic button, just press it immediately and it will trigger the alarm on the alarm system. You got police dispatching. Now, just keep in mind, very important that if you ever are trying to set up or trigger-- not set up, but if you were trying to average trigger one of these panic buttons or the panic option in the Lyric, you cannot do it while the system is inside of system programming. You have to make sure that the system is at the main menu as it is right now so that it can trigger the panics. So if you want to activate the panic mode on the Honeywell Lyric System, we're just going to follow these simple steps. So step 1 is to look for the panic button. It's going to be the circle with the exclamation point on the inside. And it's going to be on the bottom left of the Lyric screen. So you're just going to tap and hold that for a couple of seconds, and it's going to bring up the panic buttons. So step 2 would be choosing the panic button that you would need in the situation. As you see right now, we have fire, police, and local alarm setup. And also another thing to keep in mind that if you're not touching anything in the panic option or the panic menu, then it is going to take you back to the main screen. But the second step is to choose the panic option or the panic button-- the panic mode that you're going to need at the time. So now, just keep in mind that when you are pressing any of these panic modes, it is going to send the signal over to the central station but you will need to have active monitoring in order for the police to be dispatched immediately. So just as a side note about the local alarm panic mode option, this basically is just to trigger an audible siren on the Honeywell Lyric System. It's not meant to send any alarm signals over to the central station. This is basically just for you to trigger the alarm. So let's say an intruder were to break in and you want to either try to scare the intruder away or you wanted to notify anybody locally there at the premise that there's something going on. So if that were the case, then you would trigger or you would go to the system to tap in the local alarm button and you'll immediately trigger that alarm and sirens going to go off. It will be loud so just keep that in mind. But at least, you do have that option if you didn't want to send any signals to the central station at the current time. Now for these panic modes, you can have them set up in different ways, whether it be a 24-hour silent panic where when you tap it, it's not going to trigger the alarm or trigger the siren. And then there is the 24-hour auxiliary and that is going to trigger the siren on the alarm system. So another thing that I want to point out is early in the video, I mentioned that if you don't have any of the zone set up as not used, or if you have any zones that are set up as not used, they're not going to show up in the panic mode option or the panic mode menu. So as you see, we have fire, police, and local alarm, but there's no medical. That's because we have the medical zone set is not used. So it's not going to show up within the panic menu. But if that was set up, then you will be to see that. So now for instance, let's say you needed a police dispatch. So you can press and hold the button and you're going to tap on police. It's going to take you back to the main menu and it's going to activate it as if nothing is happening with the alarm system. Normal thief would probably not realize that anything is happening. But right now, as you can see at the top, this is not ready to arm. This is actually sending out the alarm signal currently. Right now, we don't have it set up to send out the alarm signal. But if you would ever top that, it's going to send the signal immediately to the central station and they'll be able to act accordingly and dispatch the police accordingly. Now, step 3 is disarming the system. So once everything is taken care of and you no longer need that panic mode going off anymore, you're just going to press Security, then you're going to disarm the system. You're going to type in the master code, and you have just now disabled the panic mode on the Honeywell Lyric System. And that is how you would activate the panic mode on the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. If you have any further questions about the Honeywell Lyric or alarm systems in general, please contact us at Or go to our website If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe. If you want notification on feature videos, please click the bell icon. This is Jarrett with Alarm Grid, give yourself a great day.