Adding Hardwired Zones to an Interlogix Simon XT

In this video, Dylan shows users how to add hardwired zones to an Interlogix Simon XT Security System.

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Interlogix Simon XT - Front Image
Interlogix Simon XT
Wireless Security System
List Price: $242.00
Our Price: $157.99

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Note: The Alarm Grid hours for phone support are from 9am to 8pm EST M-F. Also, any hardwired sensors that are used with the on-board wired zones must be ...


adi roars don't hear alarm grid today we're going over adding hardwired zones to your assignment xt panel so the Simon XT can hold up to 40 zones in total by itself with no added attachments or anything like that the panel itself can hold two wired zones so the 40 zones that are there if you use two wired zones it gives you 38 zones for wireless if you don't use the wired zones within the panel itself all 40 of those zones can be used for wireless by itself there's not really an option or a choice that you have to make on if you want to have those two zones be not used at all or we used by wired you can still use them for wireless so as you can see this is where you actually add the hardwired zones so you'll have these terminals right here this one is the hardware one it's a positive for zone one you have a shared ground between the two and then a hardware is zone 2 which is the positive for zone 2 this is where you actually add the wired zones itself and then just to reiterate you do not have to use these and then you can still use all 40 zones within the panel so there's no resistor needed when you use wiring on there you just connect the the actual sensors directly to the system itself to those terminals that were shown you can basically also add more than just the two wired zones but not directly to the panel it's a little bit of a trick so like other systems if you have you know wired zones from pre-existing system maybe you're upgrading to a wireless panel instead of changing all those zones and just spending you know all that money that's not needed you can get a wired to wireless transmitter so in this case for the Simon XT you can use the IQ hardware or the IQ Hardware 16 basically what those are those are the wired to wireless transmitters you'll take wired sensors wire them into that device and then you can wirelessly program those sensors as each individual zone to the XC itself now those do take up the zones that are allowed in the panel itself so if you're using the hard-wired eight that's eight zones taken out of the 40 and if using the 16 that's 16 zones taken out of the 40 that you're using of course only if using all of them within the the transmitter itself but that's how you can add more than just two zones to this for Wired you're not technically wiring more things into it but you're using wired sensors and then using a wireless transmitter to make them act as if they're wireless sensors themselves we do have excuse me we do have more information about the Simon XT about wiring the panel about programming sensors to the actual system itself as well as information about the hardwired wireless two wired wired to wireless transmitters that I mentioned as well if you do have questions about those about the Simon about monitoring about programming or anything like that feel free to send us an email or email us support at alarm grid comm we do have a good boundary of FA cues as well so check out our FAQ is on our website WWL this video please like and subscribe and hit the bell walk on to support the channel basically you guys get notified on whenever really some more videos and feel free to give us a call as well eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two eight we're always here well we're here Monday through Friday 9:00 to 9:00 Eastern but we'll be happy to answer any questions that you do have my name is dawn from alarm grid thank you for watching