Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16-S

Encrypted wire-to-wireless converter compatible w/ Qolsys IQ & IQ Panel 2

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Hardwire all your security zones to your IQ panel with the Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16. Its LED lights, 16 terminals, and backup battery keep you secure.
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Here is the wiring diagram I found for the 16-s on Qolsys's site. You should see the siren off to the left: positive going to the "siren out" and negative going to "Out GND" https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1b24433adc22b78dcb01bf4d15cca8ef09024d56cbe04ff54ea8fefba1fb8f32.png
Can someone please provide a diagram of how to connect an external siren to the 16-S? I have just ordered 2 16-s units and 3 panels (1 controller and 2 additional) and will probably not have wiring between any of the panels and the 16-s units. I ordered 2 sirens (Honeywell WAVE2PD @120mA and WBOX 0E-OUTDSIREN @560mA) and was told these would connect directly to a SIREN output on each of the 16-s units)
I understand now. Upgrading from a 15 year old hardwired system and researching systems for upgrading I decided on the Qolsys IQ2 panel because it was the newer model and because of the encryption and purchased the hardwire 16 S translator. So by the setup diagram that was included with my hardwire 16S I expected it to work. I had no knowlege of the previous panel. The instructions clearly say IQ 2 panel so the company is in error for providing flawed instructions which is why I have been on the internet for days looking for answers and here I am and here are the answers. The only problem I would have had is that I had two sirens, one outside and one inside which was an ATW DS50 which required 550ma so I still would have had to address the current draw issue. Thanks for the information. Will give an update when I purchase a new siren.
Can you share which siren you have?
Thanks, got a little confused because Chris setup is different from the setup diagram from Qolsys which would indeed limit you to the output of the panel and not the hardwire 16. I just think that Qolsys could have addressed this with better information for the DIY'er. I did a master reset on my panel and the siren did not trip so I assume that I didn't damage the board. Just need to find a compatible siren now.
That's why you're having problems. The IQ Panel 2 has an open collector which basically gives you a short to ground when triggered. This is being used in this scenario to switch the negative leg of power for the siren. The Hardwire 16 is capable of supporting up to 500 mA of current, but the Open Collector on the IQ Panel 2 is rated at 300 mA. If you attempt to run more current than 300 mA through it, you will fuse the output and it will cease to function. The diagram that is shown on the Hardwire 16-S installation instructions is for the original IQ Panel, not the IQ Panel 2. The original panel worked completely differently, which is why you can't use that diagram (or that logic) with the new panel and expect it to work.
The Hardwire 16 can provide up to 500 mA of current, but the panel output is limited to 300 mA (that's what Chris was talking about when he said he had to replace his siren with one that had a lower current draw.) This means if you run more than 300 mA of current through the panel output, it can damage it. Basically, the Hardwire 16 is providing a steady voltage and current, you're just using the panel's output to switch power on when there's an alarm, and off when the sounder is supposed to stop sounding. In your case, I think it failed to switch off because you ran too much current through it.
Is the 300ma the limit for the panel or the hardwire 16? Not sure of the current draw but if that is the case do I need to reset the panel?
Bud, what is the current draw of your siren? Is it more than 300 mA, if so, it may be too much current, causing the panel's output to stick. If you wired it according to the diagram Chris shared, that's the only thing I can think of that would cause it to start but not stop.
I hooked up the siren according to the diagram that Chris posted and tested the siren from the panel. It worked however the siren didn't shut off. Any idea what caused this?
What is the model number of your strobe? Alarm sirens/strobes usually only have 2 wires so we can to confirm what unit you have before answering.
Yes, unfortunately, the Qolsys wiring diagram shows the IQ Panel 1 and it's not very clear that it's that panel instead of the IQ Panel 2 and that the IQ Panel 2 doens't have that output. It should work as Chris described though.
I too had the wire running to the 16S but the suggested wiring in the instructions were wrong but Alarm Grid got the wiring instructions from Qolsys. Apparently the external siren output from the panel is an open drain output and the maximum current sink is 300mA and you have to wire the Panel in series with the ground wire of the siren. I also had to get a new siren since mine was 500mA. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/20259091c0822e068dbeaee566ba06f84f339f43e82cef0cee6a891acb91a735.png
I am in the process of doing the same thing and found that you will need to have wire from the IQ 2 panel to the hardwire 16 which triggers and powers the siren. Fortunately for me I still have wires from my old system keypad in place saving me the trouble of running a wire
On the transformer. I used the one that came in the box and in the box with the 16-S which is 16V ( I forget the current rating). The output from the auxiliary outputs are 14.3V(measured) and the 16-S specification document says it can output 12V at 500mA. I tested the siren with a 12V battery and that worked fine. I'm guessing that either the qolsys iq panel 2 isn't driving the output to the 16-S or I have things wired up wrong at the 16-S.
Yes I was mistaken, it looks like a siren can be wired into the 16s. It appears you need a separate transformer powering the 16s in order for it to trip the siren. I'd suggest this transformer: https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/mg-electronics-st-12500 Make sure the siren you have does not require more than 500mA of current.
Can you help me understand this documentation? https://qolsys.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/IQ-Hardwire-16-S-Quick-Guide.pdf It specifically has an external siren shown as well as specific outputs for an external siren. Am I missing something?
The 16-s is only compatible with 2 or 4-wire alarm devices, such as door contacts and motion detectors. Wiring an external siren to the device will not function, if you're looking to use a siren with the 16-s I suggest reviewing this article: https://www.alarmgrid.com/faq/which-siren-is-compatible-w-slash-a-qolsys-iq-panel-2
I cannot seem to get this to work with an external siren and a Qolsys IQ Panel 2. I connected as described in the diagram but the only siren that activates is the panel siren.
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