and the Interlogix Simon XT and the Interlogix Simon XT

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Interlogix Simon XT
Wireless Security System
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hadia wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're going to be discussing if works with the Simon XT system so alarm comm is a service that allows us to activate this system it's also the application and the website that you guys use to control the system now in order to have the alarm calm service you guys do need to have a cellular module installed in your Simon XT now there's about four I think there's four or five different four there's actually five different cellular communicators that you can get for the Simon XT there's a Verizon LTE there's AT&T LTE 18 t 3G there's a t-mobile and then there's also Telus LTE and that's if you're in Canada right so there's a lot of different options you want to make sure that you guys go ahead and choose the one that's has better reception in your area it actually does not matter what senator provider you guys are currently using on your cell phone so a lot of people think oh I you know I have a teen tier Verizon I need to get an AT&T Verizon communicator that's incorrect all you guys need to do is just get a communicator that will work in that area so if you guys are with AT&T and 18t is perfect in your house and you guys get great signal get an AT&T if you guys have AT&T but 18t is not so great in the house you may want to think about getting a Verizon again it has nothing to do with your existing cellular provider this is just for the alarm system itself and the monitoring company actually covers those set of your fees for you so once you have a setting your communicator in this system that's when you can actually start getting the most out of your Simon XT so this actually in order to be compatible with us with alarm comm does need a set of your communicator so if you only have phone line going to it that will not work you guys need a cellular communicator alright now I'm gonna get into a couple of different things that you can do with the service and the Simon XTi so if you have an apple or an Android device iOS or Android you can just go ahead and go to your place or Apple Store and download the app called alarm calm once you download that app give me just one moment I'm gonna show you guys what it'll look like once you open it up so once you go ahead and get the alarm calm downloaded the app downloaded you open it up for me it's automatically logged in but when you guys first set it up it's gonna ask you for your username and your password that's all given to you by your monitoring company so you enter that in you log on and then this is I'm gonna go ahead and go to the home screen this is where you're gonna be able to control your alarm system so from the app you can arm and disarm your system you can set up email and text notifications as well as push notifications so those are notifications directly from the app to your phone or tablet I'm using a tablet today by the way if you have any z-wave doors locks thermostats garage door controllers anything like that you can also control them through the service if you guys have cameras you can view them through the application as well so here I'm just gonna go ahead and show you guys a little bit through the app what you can do with the system so on the app I'm gonna go ahead and do I'm gonna hit on security system the green shield where it says disarmed it's gonna bring up whether or not I want to arm away or arm stay I'm gonna go ahead and do an arm away I just click it and then you're gonna hear the panel say doors windows motions armed and it'll start beeping for an exit delay so once I do arm away that beeping is just an exit delay now let me go ahead and disarm it yes all I did was hit the disarm button on the app and then it went it shot the notification over to the panel and again I know right now I'm using it locally but this app will work whether or not you're on site you're at work and again that's only if you're monitored and have a cellular communicator so what what happened right there was I did an arm away it started beeping and he gave you a countdown now the good thing about this app is that if you do an arm away from the app the auto stay feature is automatically disabled because you're doing it from the app the auto stay feature is if you arm away and no entry exit door is opened during that exit delay then the system goes to an auto stay now that only that only first of all it needs to be enabled and it'll only work when you do that at the actual panel itself so if you do an arm away if you do an arm away from the actual system itself and then you go ahead and wait it'll actually go to arm state because you didn't open up an entry exit door but when you do it through the app since it knows you know you probably are not on site you can actually it bypasses that feature and it just automatically arms it away or whatever you guys chose another cool thing is the z-wave locks right so here I have one of these locks learn into my panel yep what I'm gonna go ahead and do is on the locks on the home screen you kind of have a summary of everything if you hit on the lock it'll actually give you the option if you want to lock it so once I hit lock you're gonna see the z-wave device the quick-set z-wave lock I have it's gonna go ahead and start locking we got to wait for the command to go through and then the lock comes out if you want to unlock it give me a moment yep now if you want to unlock it just tap on it again hit the unlock the command goes through and now your front door whatever z-wave lock you have learned into the system is unlocked you can go ahead and let guests in your your kids in they're coming back from school you can have whether to the panel it'll show you the weather outside I don't have any cameras learning into the app so we're not gonna be able to view any cameras today but if you guys do have ATC cameras you guys can click on them view them livestream them there are a lot of new cameras so be on the lookout for those and yeah basically the app is an interactive service so it allows you to interact with the alarm system remotely from anywhere in the world and it's just a great feature to have even if you're not looking for Central Station monitoring if you're just looking for the app only we do have plans for that as well if you guys want to find out more about the integration with the simon xt system feel free to email us at support at alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications so whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified I'm George I'll see you guys next time