Amseco SSX-52S: Demonstration of Fire Panic Sound

The Amseco SSX-52S is one of the loudest sirens and strobes that Alarm Grid sells. Video shows the fire panic on the 120 dB Amseco SSX-52S siren.

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The Amseco SSX-52S is one of the loudest sirens and strobes that Alarm Grid sells. This Video shows the fire panic on the 120 dB Amseco SSX-52S siren. This loud siren will be sure to wake up the family in case of a fire.


Male: So now that we've demonstrated the police panic for all three panels, because they're all the same, for the fire panic we're just going to show you the one off of our L5100. Fire sounding is always different than police sounding, okay? The reason is that, you want to alert - whoever's in the house - to the type of alarm going off, whether it's a burglar or fire, obviously, different response for different types of alarms. And that way you know which way to go or how to react during those different events.

Just to demonstrate real quick, I'm going to disconnect our battery. Then we're going to unplug our transformer. This setup will not go off. I just want to demonstrate very quickly the difference between a fire and a police sound. So we just heard the police, now we're going to do fire [beeping sound]

Recording: Disarmed. Ready to Arm. Check.

Male: You heard how the police was a steady alarm sound whereas the fire is called the temporal sounder. The voltage kicks on and off, and you get that on and off siren. Now we're going to show you how this Amseco will follow suit. Plug our transformer back in. Reconnect our battery, battery's not needed but just to show you. Battery is on. We're going to go ahead and activate our fire panic again. You'll hear the panel kick on first, and then you will see the siren follow suit and you'll hear that the sound is different with fire [beeping sound].

Recording: Disarmed. Ready to Arm. Check.

Male: So that time, unlike the first time when we did our police panic, you get the nice steady siren with the police. This siren will follow suit with the temporal sounder for the fire. So that demonstrates how this siren just with the regular hook up will give you both fire and police activation. So that is our installation of our LYNX-EXT setup of our 1500 RL Relay, AD12612 power supply powered by our transformer and our back-up battery going to our Ameco SSX-52S. That is how you would add an external siren. This can be mounted up in the attic. Because it's wireless back to the panels, you can go up to 200 feet or with the repeater, up to 400 feet from the panel to get this extra loud siren and strobe to kick on whenever your panel goes into alarm. You see when the panel goes into alarm the siren works. As soon as you disarm the siren on the panel, then this siren follows suit and goes off as well.

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