Amseco SSX-52S: Siren Review and Explanation of Power Calculation

Amseco SSX-52S: Siren Review and Explanation of Power Calculation

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Amseco SSX-52S - Weatherproof Alarm Siren with Strobe
Amseco SSX-52S
Weatherproof Alarm Siren with Strobe

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AlarmGrid LYNX-EXT:

Sterling reviews the AMSECO SSX-52S. This siren is the most power hungry siren that Alarm Grid sells using up to 748 milliamps. At 119 decibels and a bright strobe, however, the siren's draw is well worth it. This siren, to us, is often described as one that will "peal the paint off the walls," it is so loud. For those looking for the loudest, most obnoxious siren to connect to their system this siren is the perfect fit and its strobes come in red, blue, amber, or white.


So here we have an Amseco SSX-52S. This is the highest power siren that we have. It's 119 decibels. It's got a nice strobe on the top. This is an excellent siren for outside your house. It's weatherproof, okay? Extremely loud, and with the strobe you have an audio, audible and visual notification of the alarm going off. Okay, so we're going to use this siren with our setup here. It's a very commonly used siren when adding external sirens to the LYNX Touch System. So when you're choosing your sirens, you have to make sure that you're not going to overdraw your power supply.

Every siren has a listed out current draw, and the current draw tells you how many milliamps it uses in alarm mode. Okay, this one uses up to 748 milliamps, which is under the 1.2 AMPs which is equivalent to 1200 milliamps of the power output, of the power supply. So you could not add two of these to this power supply. If you wanted to do two, you'd have to up your power supply, go with that Altronix SMP3, which is a 2.5 AMP power supply, as we discussed earlier. Okay, it's got a higher draw because it's got the strobe and the siren. However, because we're underneath the 1.2 AMP, and this is extremely loud, this is the only one we need to hook up, and so it's going to work just fine for us.