Arming the Lyric in Stay Mode

Arming the Lyric in Stay Mode

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In this video, Jarrett shows users to Arm Stay the Lyric Security System. This is actually a very thing to do, as it is one of the basic functions for the system. From the main screen, choose Security, followed by Arm Stay. Then provide a valid system code to put the Lyric System into Arm Stay mode.

When putting the system into Arm Stay, a user will provide a valid system code. Normally, the Master Code or a standard user code will be used for this purpose. These codes can also be used to disarm the system at any time. If you use the Installer Code or the Guest Code, then you can also use that code to disarm. If you arm using the system's Duress Code, then the system will send out a silent duress signal to the central monitoring station. You can also use the Quick Arm feature if it is enabled to arm the system without entering a code.

End users should make sure that they understand the difference between Arm Stay and Arm Away modes. In Arm Stay mode, interior sensors are automatically bypassed. This way, the end user can move throughout the building freely without having to worry bout setting off an alarm. However, entry/exit sensors, perimeter sensors and 24-hour sensors will continue to operate as usual. If an entry/exit sensor is activated, the end user must disarm the using a valid system code within the entry delay period, or else an alarm will occur.

If a perimeter sensor is activated in Arm Stay mode, an immediate alarm will occur. If an interior sensor is activated in Arm Stay mode, nothing will happen. Remember, interior sensors are disabled in Arm Stay mode. A 24-hour zone will cause an alarm no matter when the sensor is activated.


Hey, DIYers. Jarrett with Alarm Grid here. Today, we're going to be discussing how you're going to arm your Honeywell Lyric into an Arm Stay mode. Now, the reason why you would arm your Honeywell Lyric into an Arm Stay mode is so that if you were not going anywhere for the day and you were stuck at home or if you were in an office building and nobody was leaving for a while but you did want the Lyric to be armed at least, then you can put the system into an Arm Stay mode.

Now, when you put the Honeywell Lyric into an Arm Stay mode, it does arm your entry exit sensors and your perimeter sensors. Any interior sensors, for example, like a motion detector, will not be armed. So you will be able to roam around the building or your home freely without setting off a false alarm.

Now, if the system were into an Arm Stay mode, and you did happen to fault an Entry/Exit zone, then you will need to disarm the system in that entry/exit delay period of time that you have set in your Honeywell Lyric. Now, if you were to fault a perimeter zone while the system into an Arm Stay mode, then that will set off the alarm immediately, as it is programmed to do so.

Now, when you're arming the system into an Arm Stay mode, you do have to provide a valid user code in order to arm and disarm the system. So the normal code that you would use to arm the system, either into an Arm Away mode or an Arm Stay mode, you will need to-- normally, it is the master code.

You can use standard user codes. You can use the guest code, and you can use the installer code. Now, if you were to arm the system into an Away mode with the master code or a standard user code, you cannot disarm the system using the guest code or the installer code. In order to be able to disarm the system with a guest code or the installer code, you will need to arm the system with either one of those codes. Now, I don't really recommend using the installer code to arm the system either into an Arm Stay or an Arm Away because it does provide a certain security risk if your installer code is programmed to the default, which is four, one, one, two.

Now, I definitely do not recommend arming the system or disarming the system with a verbal duress code if you are not in a duress situation. The reason being is because if you were to arm the system with your verbal duress code-- I mean, not verbal duress code but your duress code-- or if you were to disarm the system with the duress code, your central station will see that you are in a duress situation, and they will dispatch the police immediately. So do keep that in mind when you're arming and disarming the system.

Now, if you were a user and you did want to put your Honeywell Lyric into an Arm Stay mode, you're going to follow these simple steps. So on the main screen, you're going to press Security. And on the bottom left, you're going to see the options for Arm Away, Arm Stay, and Arm Custom. So for this video, we're going to be choosing Arm Stay.

Now, as you can see, it's asking for the code. So right now we're going to use the default master code, which is one, two, three, four.

Arm Stay.

Now it is telling you to exit now. Because, obviously, you're going to be inside of the building while you're putting the system into an Arm Stay mode, you do not have to fault any sensors or anything like that. So you can basically just stay there and wait for the system to go into an Arm Stay mode.

Arm Stay.

So now the Honeywell Lyric is successfully into an Arm-- or it has gone into an Arm Stay mode. So to show you an example of what I mean by faulting an Entry/Exit zone, I do have a sensor programmed into the Honeywell Lyric right now. Hopefully I don't fault this. And I'm going to fault the sensor, and it is going to have me disarm the system in the entry/exit delay period set of time that we do have programmed into the Lyric.

Disarm system now. Disarmed. Ready to arm. [INAUDIBLE]

So as you can see, even though the system was into an Arm Stay mode, the entry/exit zones will still work. So you will have to disarm the system if it is faulted. And that is how you put your Honeywell Lyric into an Arm Stay mode.

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