Can I Use A 2GIG GC3 Without

Can I Use A 2GIG GC3 Without

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Heidi iris joy from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about whether or not you can use the gc3 system without alarm comm monitoring and the good news is that you can we have a gc3 mounted right up here and ours is connected we do have a cellular module inside of it but the system can be used without monitoring now there aren't many things that you can do with the system without monitoring it can be used as a local alarm system so you can set up in the house you can put all the sensors up program them in do the panel and if somebody breaks into a door window or front of them trigger the system can sound an alarm it has a built-in 85 decibel sounder you can attach wireless sirens to it also and you can have it work as a local sounding alarm system without alarm monitoring though there won't be any dispatch there won't be any Central Station letting you know that an alarm has gone off or one that calls police you won't have a remote app to notify you and there really won't be any way that you do know an alarm goes off local alarm systems do work in some situations some people have a barn err shut out back they just want something in there to sound in case something happens but in your main house you just want to be aware that if you only have a local alarm system and somebody breaks into the house if they decide not to leave and you come home they could still be there and it could be a very bad situation you do get a lot of benefits from getting the gc3 monitored with alarm comm and alarm grid we have two levels of plans we have self plans and full plans the biggest difference is is that the south plans don't have central station service whereas the full plans do Central Station is the agency that monitors the signals so if an alarm signal comes in from alarm comm they'll begin the dispatch procedure calling numbers and sending any authorities that are on set up for that particular account most instances it's the police other benefits though that you get from having a monitored whether or not it's on a central stations plan or a self plan is that you do get access to the alarm comm app now the gc3 system is made by two gigs but it's fully compatible with alarm comm alarm comes a great service and the end user app actually allows you to set up text and email notifications for when stuff happens this will allow you to get notified if an alarm goes off even if your system isn't on a plan that has Central Station service addition to that you can set up different users in the app and they can all have their own notification setup so you can really notify as many people as need be in the event of an alarm and even if your system doesn't have a full central station account watching it you're still going to be able to use the alarm comm service to notify yourself and others of what's going on another thing that you get with the service is you get third-party integration the gc3 system does have a built in z-wave plus controller and you can enroll z-wave devices directly to it right out of the box it's just that the programming for them is kind of limited and you're not going to get the full feature set without alarm comm well arm comes in the UI to do is not only remotely access and interact with your automation and z-wave devices you'll have a nice feature set where you can program them into scenes and rules scheduled events alarm comm is also going to allow you to integrate third-party devices such as nest myq garage doors and other things made from other manufacturers that have their own kind of login and web setup skybell is another great example of this there's an alarm come Skibo that is available this is a video adorable that you can install right in front door at any door that you like and when somebody presses it and you have it linked to the app the video will come up of the doorbell right in your phone right through the app and that's something that's the type of integration that you'll get with the alarm comm service so if you do have a gc3 system you can certainly use it as a local alarm system it will work just fine for you but if you are looking to get the full feature set from the system on the security and the automation side you will want to get it monitored by a dealer who does have access to alarm comm either on a full monitoring plan or on a plan that just gives you access to the remote app and to alarm comm thanks for watching if you enjoyed the vid l feel free to subscribe if you want to be updated and when we post future videos hit the notification button will send you an update when we do so if you have any questions at all head over to our website send us an e-mail to support at alarm read calm or give us a call at eight at eight eight one eight seven seven two eight we hope you enjoyed the video and have a great day