Can Wifi be Primary and Cellular the Secondary Comm Path on a Lyric?

This video discusses dual path monitoring on the Lyric Security System.

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This video discusses dual path monitoring on the Lyric Security System. Specifically, WIFI as primary, and cellular as the secondary path.


hey DIY is Dillon here with alarmgrid today we are going to be reviewing ken Wi-Fi be my primary path communication and cell be a backup on a lyric controller so quick answer is yes the lyric by default has Wi-Fi built into it so once you've actually get it out of the packaging and start hooking it up the default communicator is Wi-Fi to have a sell option you're gonna have to get a sell module and then install it into the panel we do have a couple other videos going over that so I won't be reviewing that too much here to start we have our lyric here aurilla has a cell module installed is connected to our Wi-Fi which I'll review as well so let's go ahead and get this set for dual path mount ring so first thing you want to do is of course wake up the lyric if it's in a sleep mode we have our main screen right here if you don't see that and you see this what we're gonna do is press on security brings us back there we're gonna press on tools we're gonna enter in the installer code ours is still the default so for one one two we're gonna go to program communicator and then right here communication path right now I have it set to none so what you don't want to do to get dual path monitoring is change that from none or whatever it's sent us for you to Wi-Fi and cell save we're gonna get an error saying the radio has been low is unregistered which is you know normal it's not really an issue because I have not registered this panel with the alarm company as of yet so they go got our message okay and what we're gonna do here as well we're gonna jump into comm Diagnostics I'm gonna press on the down arrow and we're gonna get our communication ID numbers so this MAC address and the Mac CRC code these are needed to wrench in the panel with the alarm company so they're gonna require these codes the cell module itself does not have a Mac inner seers Mac necessarily specific to it however it does have something called an A ID number that usually starts with about six to seven zeros and then there's some characters after that as well that's usually listed on the module itself so before you install it I would recommend grabbing those numbers writing them down just in case your company needs them so back to these so the Mac on the CRC you're gonna give these to your company they're gonna use these to find the panel when they're actually trying to register it and then that's how we can get the alarm signalling set up for you and then quickly as well since we're here we're gonna press on the up arrow and of course since Wi-Fi is going to be the primary path of communication we have to connect it to Wi-Fi so we're gonna do configure Wi-Fi scan access points and then this is gonna pull up a list of all the networks that are in the area so once you see yours as you can see ours is already connected I'm gonna press on it press edit and then this brings you to the screen where you can actually connect to the network itself now here this is where you would enter the password for the actual network so you see on top it shows the network name it shows the security type it shows the network type and then right here password you're gonna press on that and this is going to show you the keypad where you can actually enter in your password I'm gonna go ahead and enter ours here safe we're going to join then if the password is entered correctly on the lyric you're gonna get a message that says successfully added mine has failed so I apparently do not know the password to our network so in the meantime we'll just act like it's connected so when you actually do enter the correct password and you are connected you're not gonna have that symbol you're gonna have a full Wi-Fi symbol there or however many bars that your network has it's gonna kick you back to the screen so you'll just back up this is going to show you the information for the Wi-Fi so of course our link is bad because I don't remember things so we're just gonna back back and then back so we have the cell module installed we have the communication path set to Wi-Fi and cell in theory we have this connected to our Wi-Fi network and we have our MAC addresses we have our a ID number we have everything that we need to get this set up for dual path monitoring so I'm gonna send that information to our alarm company they're gonna register the system and then once the system is fully lived' live the Wi-Fi is gonna be the main path communication so that's what's going to be consistent sending out the alarm signals and receiving them if the Wi-Fi ever drops or if the power goes out at your home or office or wherever the panel is installed as long as the panel itself is powered on that cell modules gonna kick in and then continue to send out that signal so you're not really losing anything if the Wi-Fi drops or if the power goes out because that cell module now as I mentioned for power outages the lyric has a default for our battery that does come with it you can also get a 24-hour battery meaning that's how long it's gonna be active until it shuts down so as mentioned as long as that is powered on that some modules consistently sending out that signal now this 950 comptroller that we're seeing here this is basically meaning one of two things one everything is set up but I haven't registered this with the company yet which is the case here or to the panel has been registered and has lost communication so to do if you do have it already registered and it has a lost communication you're gonna want to contact your alarm company to have them double-check things on their end however there are some steps that you can do prior so I mean troubleshooting 101 is you know you've heard a thousand times turn off turn back on again so a simple reboot of the panel so you go to tools one two three four and then you're gonna go to advanced and then reboot right there it's can ask if you're sure you'll say yes it will do its rebooting process and then while it's booting back up you'll notice it'll say system standby on the top of the screen I might as well go ahead and get that set just so you can see and we do get a lot of customers thinking that once they hit yes and it just sits on the screen that the lyric is broken as you can see it just went off sometimes Kate it takes a couple seconds for it to power down once it's powered back up you get the screen then the lyric itself will slowly start to boot back up process usually takes about a minute or so so you'll get the lyric screen after that it's gonna go black again and come back up it's gonna show the security screen and then you'll notice on there I'll point them out once it comes up it's kind of like if a computer is booting up you'll get the desktop and the icons will come in you know one a time Auto time however fast your computer is but that's basically the computer fully getting all of its software enabled knowing what to do with each other and then functional so same idea with the lyric it's still technically a computer so it's doing its to boot up people sometimes say you know when it's coming back on they can't press anything things are grayed out they're not connected to their network anymore it's just booting you just have to be patient with it as you can see here it says system standby our automation option is grayed out and not even able to be touched that's gonna load it momentarily our weather which would be here is not there yet because the system has not you know fully booted back up so give that a couple seconds more and then once that's booted back up we're gonna be jumping back into security back into tools using the master code again and then we're gonna be checking the Wi-Fi path just another way to actually connect to the Wi-Fi posted going through the Installer toolbox you can go through the master programming as well a little bit it may pop up trying to get me to connect to the network automatically if it does I'll just back out there and then show you how to get back to it a couple more seconds should be good alright so it has that I'm just gonna back out okay so we're on our screen if we were connected to network we would have our weather icons right here so we're gonna go to security tools master code one two three four is the default and then you'll see Wi-Fi config right here and then same settings as when went through the actual installer toolbox scan access points it finds your network press on the network press edit and then you know enter the password and then you connect it and then yeah that's pretty much it so with it connected to our network with a connected to the alarm company's Network we have our Wi-Fi path set as primary cell was backup if Wi-Fi drops or if power goes out and the Wi-Fi drops the cell card kicks in as long as the panel is powered on itself and that's pretty much everything if you want to learn more about dual path monitoring or how to install an actual cell card we do have epic using videos on that on our website any questions about dual path monitoring or monitoring in general feel free to email us support at Allegra comm and if you did like this video please like and subscribe and hit the bell hot economy notify didn't release more content my name is Dylan from alarm grid thank you very much