Changing the Volume on an Interlogix Simon XT

Changing the Volume on an Interlogix Simon XT

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Interlogix Simon XT
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hey di wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're actually gonna be going over how to adjust the volume on assignment xt system yes so first of all the volume that we're gonna be adjusting is going to be the basically the voice enunciation between the different level of arming state changes and also the beeps that occur after any system activity so for instance if I armed the system right now I have everything set to max volume and it's enabled let's say if I do doors and windows the system is gonna announce doors and windows arms dorms doors and windows armed and then it's gonna double beep after that all right so I actually have it set to the loud as it can go so that it is the loudest we're gonna go ahead and play around with the volume right now I'm gonna go ahead and disarm it my panel is defaulted so my default master code is one two three four yours could be different if you or your company has changed it so I'm gonna hit disarm enter in the master code one two three four and now the system is disarmed as you see the beeps are pretty loud and so is the actual voice enunciation so to change all of this volume settings we do need to go into programming and for this you can either use your master code or your installer or dealer code yeah so first thing we're gonna do is use these up arrow keys and down arrow keys right up here you can either go up or down I'm gonna go ahead and hit the down arrow key until I get to system programming you're gonna hit OK I'm gonna enter in my code like I said it could be a master code installer code or dealer code either way siren options you can access that with either one so now we're in system programming we're gonna scroll down until we see siren options once you hit siren options hit okay and now we're in the siren option field if we scroll down we can actually go all the way to status beep volley this is the beeping that happens after the sense after the system activity so if you want to lower that it actually goes from one to ten and to lower that you have to hit okay you're going to start seeing that the the number starts flashing that means you're in the field now to adjust so now that it's flashy I'm gonna go ahead and hit the down arrow key I'll drop it down I'm gonna actually drop it down to one so that you guys can tell the difference between the loudest and the lowest I'm gonna hit OK to confirm once I hit OK the number stops flashing that means that's what we have set it to next option I'm gonna change is the speaker volume this is gonna be the actual voice enunciation so that's the you know where it said doors and windows armed disarmed it's gonna anything that's voice enunciation it's gonna lower that volume right so I hate okay so I just the feel you're gonna start seeing the number will start blinking we're gonna hit the down arrow key and I'm gonna bring it down to one I'm gonna hit OK to confirm the number now turn solid now I'm gonna go ahead and back out to the home screen just so you guys can see now to back out all you need to do is hit the status button you just hit that until you're all the way back out to the disarm screen now watch if I hit doors and windows the volume won't be as loud and the beeping after won't be as loud either because we lower the volume down to one for both of those it's almost I don't even know if the mic picked up on that but it was very low alright I'm gonna go ahead and hit this R and I'll get close through just in case I enter in my master code yes now that's at the lowest volume now I'm gonna show you guys one little caveat that you guys do need to pay attention to just in case you guys are adjusting volume and you're wondering why you don't hear anything now so to do that again we're gonna go back into system programming so hit the up or down arrow key until you see system programming you hit OK enter in your code like I said it's either your master code or your installer code or dealer code I entered in my master code which is one-two-three-four it's defaulted I'm gonna hit the down arrow key all the way till I see siren options hit OK again now if you guys for any reason are are messing around with the volume in your and your system just isn't doing the beeping or the voice enunciation you may want to check these fields right here the P at the piezo beeps if you have them set to OFF that means you've turned off the beeping sound which adjusting the volume is not going to change anything because it's turned off so you want to make sure that's turned to on so you just hit OK - I just use the up and down arrow keys to change it and you hit OK I'm gonna show you what happens if I have it set to off right so I'm gonna actually set mine to off and I'm gonna go down panel voice that has to do with the voice volume if you have that set to off changing the volume on the panel voice volume is not gonna do anything because it's also off I'm gonna turn this off as well so you guys can see and as you see I have now have piezo beeps off panel voice off and you'll see my system beat volume I can turn this all the way up to 10 and I can turn my speaker volume all the way up to 8 which is the highest it goes and it will not do anything because I have the piezo beeps turned off and the voice turned off you're gonna see I'm gonna hit status all the way back out and watch now when I hit doors and windows even though I have that at the highest volume because it's turned off it will not work see it went to an arming state it didn't tell you doors and windows and it didn't say it doesn't start beeping to give you that exit delay so you want to make sure when you're adjusting the volume that you actually make sure that those features are turned on yeah so if you guys are getting confused or anything you're wondering why it's not working it could be because of that if you guys are still have any questions your I'm sorry if you guys do still any questions you can email us at support at alarm care comm we'll be more than happy to help you guys out if you found this video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon to enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified I'm Jorge I'll see you guys next time