Communicators That Are Compatible With the Interlogix Simon XTi-5i



hi di wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over which communicators are compatible with the Simon XTi 5 I this is an inner logic panel the communicators that will work with this system are going to be the inner logics 610 48 communicators and the alarm calm XT 511 communicators now if you're using the inner logic 610 48 communicators you need to make sure that the actual firmware version on the communicator is running firmware version 191 C we're gonna get into that in a second because there are a little bit of caveats and things that we can try to work if you guys are using a used communicator so we're gonna get into that after we talked about the communicators all right one important thing that will help you while you're watching this video is if you look in the description of this video there's going to be an faq linked to the video that will have a list of all the communicators that I'm going to be going over and a list of all the firmware numbers and little caveats that I was talking about with the inner logic 610 48 communicators that will help you guys basically look back on in case you you forgot or missed anything so I'm gonna go ahead and grab my tablet here I'm gonna pull up the FAQ so you guys can follow with me so the first thing I want to go ahead and get into if you guys click on that FAQ is gonna be the alarm - alarm com communicators so these communicators are probably going to be the best for these Simon XTi 5i you don't have to worry about the firmware version every single one of these alarm calm communicators he'll here will work with your Simon XTi 5i now the alarm comm communicators they come in two different kinds of communication paths there's three that are cellular based only so we have AT&T Verizon and we have Telus Telus as if you're in Canada now these communicators are going to be all LTE based for those of you out there who are wondering why is LTE the only option available right now or why do you guys only the list LTE while there are 3G 4G cdma communicators out there that you may have that may still be functioning but as of October of 2019 put a stop to allowing 3G and 4G and CDMA activations because they're actually shutting down all of those set of your towers pretty soon there is a not an exact date yet but there are going to be shutting them down within the next one or two years so it's just something to keep in mind as to why we recommend only LTE communicators and why in the FAQ you're only going to see LTE so if you scroll down here you're gonna see that these communicators we have an AT&T Verizon and a Telus and they're all LTE they don't like I said they don't require any specific firmware version they simply plug-and-play you plug them into your system they're good to go now the dual path communicators just something to keep in mind dual path means it's running cellular and Internet now the Internet is not Wi-Fi so if you are gonna get the dual path communicators just make sure that you guys basically can run an Ethernet cable from your router to the actual device which is going to be installed in the actual system itself so wherever you guys have the system located the communicator is going to be on the inside of the system and you want to make sure that you can run an Ethernet cable from your router to that communicator now dual path communicators are probably some of the best the reason why is because he uses the Internet as the primary because of the faster speeds usually and then LTE is usually the backup communicator so if the internet ever goes down your cellular continues to work now when you guys are getting these set up just know that if you buy a dual path communicator and you're going with alarm comm you can't just use an Internet path only I know you do a lot of your whoa but it's dual path alarm comm only has cellular based plans so even though the communicator is a dual path communicator it is still required to have the cellular activated as a backup so if you're paying for the cellular it might as well be activated next I want to go ahead and get into the inner logic 610 48 series communicators when I was telling you earlier about the firmware needing to be 191 C that is only for the Simon XTi 5i panel that the communicator has to be on that firmware version if you guys have any older Simon XT panels xti and XT i5 the normal ones these inner logics communicators should work without having to worry about the firmware version on the communicator now to check the firmware on the communicator you actually have to give the monitoring company or whatever company you're deciding to go with if you want to check with us we can actually get the serial number the IMEI number the meid number whatever unique identifier the communicator has we can look up on alarm comm and we can check the firmware from there now the little caveats that I wanted to go ahead and talk about or what if the panel isn't running from River or what if the communicator isn't running firmware version 191 C as if the communicator is below that but if it's in between 189 a as you see here in the FAQ to 191 there might still be a chance that we can activate it the reason why is if you're using a older communicator that has any of the firmware version between 189 a to 191 you can install it into your Simon XTi 5 I we can activate it from alarm comm and then we can actually push down the new firmware 191 C to the communicator over-the-air now that's only for the communicators that are in between 189 a to 191 if it's below 189 a you can still install it into the Simon XTi 5 and we can still activate it but it won't actually work we won't be able to send the firmware version over-the-air alarm comm won't allow it so this is something to keep in mind whenever you guys are shopping for communicators like through Amazon or Ebay whenever you guys are buying used communicators something to keep in mind about the firmware version you might get one that's really old and then you wouldn't be able to use it all right when you buy a communicator from us alarmgrid we are selling the newer communicator so you don't have to worry about getting an old-style communicator when you buy from us it's good come with the latest firmware on the actual communicator itself now let's go ahead and get into the actual communicators for the inner logics for the ones that in your logics makes they only have cellular based communicators so if you scroll down to the bottom of the FAQ you're gonna see they have an AT&T Verizon and a Telus LTE again all LT communicators we're not going to sell you something that cannot be activated right now so that's why you're only going to see those now if you guys have an inner logics Capano they actually stopped manufacturing the systems but this doesn't mean that your panel is obsolete it can still be used it can still be monitored it's still a perfect functioning alarm system and we will still be more than happy to monitor it for you and get it activated and support it you guys just want to make sure that you're signing or that you're getting a communicator for it so that it can be activated and if you get any one of these communicators that we discussed that are in the FAQ we should be able to activate it on any one of our alarm comm plans now remember as I said alarm calm only has settler based plans so when you guys are getting these communicators make sure you're signing up for a plan that will include the cellular service so what happens if you're Simon XTi or Simon XTi v Simon XT Simon XT i5i panel stops working the panel dies the house gets tripped by lightning it fries your system somebody breaks the panel what can you do well if you're planning on getting a new system you don't actually have to replace all your inner logic sensors there is a panel out there that will actually work with your existing sensors and that's called the closest panel IQ - or the closest of panel IQ - plus if you're getting the IQ - plus if you just get the normal one that has a three nineteen point five megahertz receiver the inner logic sensor is actually transmitted three nineteen point five megahertz so if you guys are looking for a new panel because you're stopped working you can actually buy one of the closest panels and you can still get a monitor with alarm calm these panels come with a set of your communicators built in and if you want more information you can also contact us as well now if you guys have any other questions about the communicators for your Simon XTi 5i if you guys have any other Simon XTi neurologic panels that you're looking at getting monitored and you need help finding a communicator for it please feel free to send us an email to support at alarm grid comm if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time