Interlogix Simon XTi-5i

Wireless Security System

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The Interlogix Simon XTi-5i is an all-in-one alarm system. It offers a selectable user interface (UI), support for up to 80 wireless zones, a pleasant 5-inch touchscreen controller and chime functionality. This is a great affordable panel for your home or business. Buy the Simon XTi-5i here.
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Users looking for a modern, affordable security system for a home or small business have an excellent answer in the Interlogix Simon XTi-5i. This complete, reliable control panel packs all of the great features you would want out of a DIY alarm system, all at a pleasantly affordable price.

Interlogix has been highly respected in the alarm industry for many years. They are known for offering reliable control panels and sensors for users on a budget. Their systems provide all of the necessary tools for alarm monitoring, just without some of the bells and whistles that you would only find on higher end systems. The Interlogix Panels are great for anyone who just wants a strong, trustworthy security system they can count on, and doesn't require anything super fancy.

While it's true that we view the Interlogix Simon XTi-5i as more of a "budget" alarm panel, that doesn't mean it lacks some impressive features. Starting with the controls, the entire system is operated through a sleek and crisp 5-inch touchscreen display. The menu icons are large and clearly identifiable so that you will have no trouble performing various system actions. The touchscreen controls are nice and response to ensure that you can easily operate your system as you need.

What's even more exciting is that you can adjust the user interface (UI) by selecting from a variety of different color schemes. Not many panels offer this type of feature, and it's great to see Interlogix making their system more visually appealing by offering such customization. The standard practice is to have the system match the color scheme (orange and white). This will have the panel match what you see when you control your system from

Speaking of, the ability to access this platform is one of the system's biggest selling points. To get started with, you will need a compatible communicator and a Gold Plan or higher from Alarm Grid. More information about our monitoring plans can be seen on our monitoring page. By accessing through the website or remotely from the mobile app on Android or iOS, you can arm and disarm your system, check its current status, control your Z-Wave devices, view the live feed for ADC Cameras, and more. Most communicators offer built-in Z-Wave Plus control, thereby allowing you to start establishing your smart home automation network.

The Interlogix Simon XTi-5i actually supports all of the same communicators used with the older Simon XT, Simon XTi, and Simon XTi-5 Systems. For best results, you should use a communicator with LTE functionality. We recommend using one of the following communicators with the Simon XTi-5i System:

Turning to more security-based offerings, the Interlogix Simon XTi-5i has exactly what you need to keep your home or business nice and secure. The system supports up to 80 wireless zones, which is perfect for medium-sized homes and smaller businesses. Most users do not need support for hundreds of zones. The 80-zone support for the XTi-5i is perfectly suitable in most cases, without being overkill. You can also use two (2) hardwired zones with the system, but these will still cut into the 80 zones. for normally closed (NC) contacts only.

When it comes to sensor support, you have many selections to choose from for the Interlogix Simon XTi-5i. The system supports the widely used 319.5 MHz frequency, which has been made popular by Interlogix and Qolsys throughout the years. You can use any of the legacy Interlogix and Qolsys 319.5 MHz Sensors with the system. You can also use the Qolsys S-Line Sensors, but they won't utilize rolling code encryption on the XTi-5i. However, Interlogix is expected to release their own lineup of encrypted sensors that will utilize encryption with the XTi-5i System.

Other features for the Simon XTi-5i include the panel's displayed status for the system and property, actionable status icons, eight (8) programmable user codes and single Master Code (3 to 6 digits each), local panel programming, chime functionality for windows, doors and motions, spoken voice, emergency panic buttons, integrated siren, weather and temperature display, a wired siren output, and on-site Z-Wave control. With the Simon XTi-5i, you now have a complete and reliable home or business security system at a price that fits your budget!


  • Touchscreen: 5" Full-Color
  • Power: 9VAC, 3.34A at 60Hz
  • Battery: 6VDC, 2100mAh (600-XTI-BAT)
  • Wireless Zones: Up to 80
  • Hardwired Zones: Up to 2
  • Sensor Support: Legacy Interlogix, Legacy Qolsys, Qolsys S-Line, Encrypted Interlogix
  • User Codes: Single Master Code, Up to eight (8) user codes (3 to 6 digits in length)
  • Automation: Z-Wave Plus (communicator required)
  • Cellular Communication: Yes (communicator required)
  • IP Communication: Yes (communicator required)
  • Phone Line Communication: Yes (not recommended)
  • Integrated Siren: 85 dB
  • Dimensions: 5.97"L x 7.24"W x 1.71"D
  • Weight:1.0 lb.
  • Other Features: Displayed Status for System and Property, Actionable Status Icons, Local Panel Programming, Chime Functionality, Spoken Digitized Voice Emergency Panic Buttons, Weather and Temperature Display, Wired Siren Output.

Brand: InterlogixGE Security

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