Connection Used by the Honeywell Home 6290W

Connection Used by the Honeywell Home 6290W

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Honeywell 6290W - VISTA 7" Color Touchscreen Keypad
Honeywell 6290W
VISTA 7" Color Touchscreen Keypad
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In this video Joe from Alarm Grid shows the connections used by the Honeywell Home 6290W Touchscreen Keypad when connecting with a Honeywell VISTA System. The 6290W connects with your system using a 4-wire connection, and it connects with the same location on the panel ECP bus as your other keypads.

The Honeywell Home 6290W is a touchscreen keypad designed for use with a Honeywell VISTA Security System. The keypad allows you to operate your VISTA System using a full color touchscreen, as opposed to a standard push-button keypad. This can make the system more inviting to new users, and it can make the system easier to use and understand.

If you have an existing VISTA System, then you might want to add a touchscreen keypad to the system. This can make your system much more pleasing to operate, especially if you are not comfortable using a push-button keypad. A touchscreen keypad like the Honeywell Home 6290W will have labeled options that are much easier to understand, and you will probably have an easier time using that keypad.

Another great feature of the Honeywell Home 6290W is that it has a console mode that allows you to operate the device as though it were an alphanumeric push-button keypad. This can be very useful if you ever need to program the system, as you need the 6290W to operate like an alphanumeric keypad if you want to use it to program a VISTA.

Remember that you should always power down your system before connecting any keypads. You can power down the system by unplugging the transformer and disconnecting the backup battery. Only attempt to wire in a new keypad once the panel is completely powered down. You can power the panel back on after completing the connections.

Note: It sounds like Joe is saying ECB bus, but it's ECP bus. ECP stands for Enhanced Console Protocol. Also known as the keypad bus.


Howdy, all. Joel from Alarm Grid. And today we're going to talk about how to connect the 6290W keypad to a VISTA alarm system. The 6290W is a great looking keypad. It's got a full color touchscreen. And it's going to be a great upgrade if you do decide to purchase it for your house. If you are replacing it with an existing keypad or you're installing it as a brand new run to your system, you're going to connect it the same way. The way it connects to the system is with a four-wire conductor. The four wires are likely going to be red, black, yellow, and green. The yellow wire could be white, depending on what brand of wire you purchase, so just keep that in mind. Let's take a look. Over here, well, there we have our 6290W keypad. And over here we have the VISTA system that it's connected to. Like other keypads, the 6290 connects to the ECP bus. This is this four terminal bracket right there. We have the red wire. We have the green wire, the red wire, the black wire, rather, the green wire and the yellow wire. The red is power plus. The black is power negative. The green is data in. The yellow is data out. This yellow wire could be white depending on what kind of wire manufacturer you have. So just realize that. If this is replacing an existing keypad and you open up the panel and you do see some white wires there, they are for that terminal. If we go to our keypad now and we look at the connections on the back of it, I've already taken it slightly off of its back plate. So there's nothing wrong with it, it's just hanging a little bit. I'm going to pull it out and turn it around. It's been designed nicely. So we have our four terminal connection right here. And right above it, we have G minus plus and Y. The G is for the green wire. The minus is for our negative power. The plus is for our positive power. I'll move this so you can see a little better. And the yellow is for the yellow or white wire. That's another one of the data connections. Again, this one could be white. When you connect this keypad, you're going to want to make sure that you get these wires in the right spot. And I say this because if you put the power, the DC plus power in one of the other terminals, you could damage the keypad. So be sure that you're very careful when you do your installation and that you have your system 100% powered down. Just to go over that real quick, before you do install this keypad on your alarm system to power it down 100%, you're going to want to unplug its main power source. And you're going to want to undo its backup batteries. We have the 128 right here. So it's a little more robust than what you may have in your house. But it works the same way. There is a plug-in connector for this, a plug-in transformer. And then it has its backup batteries. So I'm going to unplug everything, unplug that transformer. And then you can work with the system safely without shorting any devices out or hurting herself with a shock. But with all that said, the 6290 does have a relatively simple connection. If you do find that you have too many keypads or too much stuff on your ECP bus on the system and you need to add more power, you can actually have an auxiliary power supply supply the power to the 6290, or the data connections have to go back to the panel. So there are ways to set this up. If you do have any questions though, about programming, setting up, installing a 6290W, feel free to give us a call, 888-818-7728. Send us an email to Or head over to our website If you enjoyed the video, feel free to subscribe. And if you want to be notified when we post future videos, hit the notification button below, and we'll send you an update when we do so. Thanks for watching and have a great day.