Disabling Chime on an Interlogix Simon XT

Dylan discusses how to toggle the chime feature on an Interlogix Simon XT panel.

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hey di where is Dylan here with alarmgrid today we're going over how to set up chime on a Simon XT panel so we have the Simon XT right here above it as the Simon XT I will not be focusing on this one too much so we just have that power down so our Simon XT as you can see is in a disarm state currently the lights might give it a little bit hard to see but we are in a ready to arm set as well since the okay light is lit when I take away our door contact that we've programmed you can see that that light has gone out indicating not ready to arm so raff of that as mentioned we do have a recessed door contact here this is the TX e two two one it's a inter logics recess door contact I have it programmed to the system currently as our front door and as you notice when I fault the sensor are ready to arm light goes off but we're not getting a chime nothing indicating the doors open or anything like that besides the light going off its back on so what we're gonna do is sup chime so I have this set as the front door is an entry/exit door group number ten basically that means that there is a chime option for this sensor when you're doing programming and you have your sensor group list up certain sensor groups will not have chime enabled at all so this next feature I'm gonna show you won't even show up if you only have those types of such groups programmed but nothing that has chimed as an option so to get to chime you're gonna go use the up and down arrows to scroll and there we go we see chime is off now if you program this to a sensor group that does not have a chime option you'll never see that option there you can scroll through keep going and you'll never see chime as an option there but we're gonna go ahead and set that to on and then status to exit out and then we have a little bell icon here indicating that chime is on I also have vocal chime enable I'm going to show you how to get to that real quick so we're gonna go into system programming the default installer code for this panel is four three two one then okay we're gonna go to siren options and then down to vocal or a voice chime so voice time one is actual description being read out so front door number two oops number two is just the tone and I'm a 3 is another tone more like a like a doorbell sound so we're gonna put that to voice chime one because I want to hear which exact tone is being faulted and then we serve time enabled so let's go ahead and fault the sensor and we should hear a chime along with a voice descriptor there we go so we have our voice descriptor sang front door we have the double beep which is the chime itself and then just to show you real quick what it's like if we have voice off go into programming for three two one go to siren and then voice I said that nothing or off back out and fold so same idea you know we get those chime so we don't get the actual voice saying it so you know you have a front door that's being monitored and you want to know exactly when or what doors being opened while you're not just looking at either an app or a camera I'm sorry or the system they'll say a front door it will do its chime in this case we have the voice off so it just chimes but that's pretty much it I mean setting up time on this is pretty simple the main thing you have to remember is just when you're doing the actual programming for the sensor just pick a sensor group that has chime as an option if you look at the Simon XT install guide has a list of sense groups right there and then on the descriptions of those it shows chime if they is a time option and then it just doesn't show anything about time if there's no chime option so yeah actually real quick just to show let me set this to jump in in programming for three two one I'm gonna go to sensors I'm gonna edit sensor we have our front door here group 10 I'm gonna set that to group 14 just an interior door and that has no chime option so let's see there you go so as mentioned if you set it to a sensor group that does not have a chime option you won't even see the option to enable chime at all it would have been pretty much right there nothing there we don't get the bell icon there indicating the chime and then once I trip this our light turns off indicating that it's faulted but we're not hearing anything at all there's just not really an indication that my zone is faulted now obviously I don't have to have chime enabled for everything not everyone wants time but if you do want to be notified when the actual zone is faulted without having to check on the panel if you're just an earshot then having chime enabled is a pretty good solution especially Voice time because it reads off the descriptor as well so yeah I mean we do have more information about the Simon XT the sensors how to enable chime programming we even have the actual install guide so if you want to look at those sensor groups check out our website wwhen xt if you have one in you're interested in monitoring just have questions about chime or anything like that send us an e-mail or e-mail of support at alarm grid comm obviously if you did like this video please like and subscribe and have the bell icon to be notified when we actually release more content that way you guys get the most updated information and yeah i mean that is pretty much everything i hope you enjoyed the video feel free to give us a call as well if you need anything eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two eight my name is Dylan from alarm grid thank you for watching