DSC Wireless Sensors and the Lyric Panel?

DSC Wireless Sensors and the Lyric Panel?

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In this video, Jarrett from Alarm Grid explains that DSC Wireless Sensors are not compatible with the Honeywell Lyric Security System. This includes both DSC Wireless 433 MHz Sensors and DSC PowerG Sensors. But the Lyric can support wireless 345 MHz sensors and Honeywell SiX Series Wireless Sensors.

A security system needs a wireless receiver to support any wireless sensors. This wireless receiver determines what type(s) of sensors the system can support. In the case of the Honeywell Lyric Alarm Panel, the system can actually support two (2) different frequencies of wireless sensors. The system can support wireless 345 MHz sensors from Honeywell and 2GIG. It can also support wireless 2.4 GHz Honeywell SiX Series Sensors. But the system cannot support any wireless sensors from DSC.

There are two (2) major lineups of 345 MHz sensors that are supported by the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. The system is backwards compatible with most of the Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors that operate at the 345 MHz sensor. This is a very diverse lineup that includes every type of security, environmental, and life-safety sensor you could want for a system. Just note that you can only use the uni-directional Honeywell 5800 Series devices with the Lyric System. The panel cannot support bi-directional 5800 Sensors.

If the Lyric System is running Firmware Version MR3 or higher, then it can support the 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors as well. These sensors were designed for use with the 2GIG Security Systems, but you should have no problem using them with the Lyric as well. If you want to use encrypted sensors with the Lyric, then the Honeywell SiX Series devices are your best option. The 2.4 GHz SiX Sensors operate using 128-bit AES encryption, and they are designed exclusively for use with the Lyric System.




Hey, DIYers. Jarrett with Alarm Grid here. Today, we're going to talk about whether you can use DSC wireless sensors with the Honeywell Lyric system. Unfortunately, no you can not use DSC wireless sensors with the Honeywell Lyric system as the Honeywell Lyric is only able to be used with 345 megahertz sensors and the 2.4 gigahertz sensors from the SiX Series of devices. Now the DSC sensors, unfortunately, will not be able to be used with the system, as I already said. And this does include DSC 433 megahertz legacy sensors and then the 915 PowerG-- 915 megahertz PowerG sensors. The Honeywell Lyric, it's able to be used with two different wireless frequencies but unfortunately, DSC is not one of those. And it can be used with three different brands or three different types of sensor lineups although they are available, which includes the Honeywell 5800, series sensors the 2GIG sensors and then also these SiX Series sensors as well. Now there are other 345 megahertz sensors that are compatible with the Honeywell Lyric system. But the ones that I didn't name off earlier they are the main ones to be used with the system. Now the 5000 series sensors or the Honeywell 5000 series sensors, they are used on 345 megahertz as well. Now they were originally meant to be used with the Honeywell Lynx Touch panels and the Honeywell vista panels, obviously with the added three engine 45 megahertz wireless receiver. But the Honeywell Lyric is backwards compatible. So because of this, it is able to be used with the Legacy Honeywell 5800 series sensors. Now the other 345 megahertz sensors that are compatible with the system does include the 2GIG 345 megahertz series sensors. Now in order to be able to use 2GIG sensors with the Honeywell Lyric system, the system does need to be on firmware version MR3 or higher. So you definitely want to check that out before you consider using any of those types of sensors. So for example, some of the difference 345 megahertz sensors that are compatible with the Honeywell Lyric system does include the VERSA-2GIG sensors which are the ones that are included with the Honeywell Lyric kits that we have to be able to see them. They're very slim, and they're very nice to use. And those are the 2GIG version of the 345 megahertz sensors. And then you have certain optics motion detectors as well that are compatible with the Honeywell Lyric 2. Those are very nice motion detectors. If you want something that can even be used outdoors for an outdoor motion detector, take a look at them. They're very nice to use. Now the other series or these SiX Series sensors that are compatible with the Honeywell Lyric System, those are basically the sensors that were manufactured for the Honeywell Lyric itself. The Honeywell Lyric was kept in mind for these type of sensors, and these are the encrypted versions of the Honeywell sensors that are available out there. The Honeywell SiX series sensors use 2.4 gigahertz to be able to communicate with the Honeywell Lyric but they also utilize 128-bit encryption. So it does make it a lot harder for any type of hackers, or robbers, or anything to try to hack the RF frequency of those sensors. So if you wanted to add extra of encryption for your home, take a look at them. They are very good sensors as well. So just to go over one more time, the DSC sensors will unfortunately not be able to work with the Honeywell Lyric System because both of the DSC sensors, whether it be the legacy DSC sensors or the PowerG encrypted sensors, they're not going to operate at the same frequency that the Honeywell Lyric does. The DSC legacy series sensors are basically on 433 megahertz. And then the PowerG encrypted sensors are 9:15 megahertz. So unfortunately, that will not be able to be used. If you do want to use sensors with the Honeywell Lyric System, take a look at the 345 megahertz sensors. They're very good, and they are very reliable. So will any DSC sensors work with a Honeywell Lyric System? Unfortunately not. If you have any questions or any further questions about the Honeywell Lyric system or alarm systems in general, please contact us that support@alarmgrid.com or go to our website, alarmgrid.com. If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe. For notifications of future videos, please click the bell icon. This is Jarrett with Alarm Grid. Give yourself a great day.