Enrolling a Z-Wave Door Lock to an Interlogix Simon XT

Enrolling a Z-Wave Door Lock to an Interlogix Simon XT

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hidey-ho iris joy from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about how to enroll a z-wave lock to your Simon XT system now before you begin any of this you're gonna have to have an alarm comm module installed in your Simon XT and it will need to be active on alarm comm to get the z-wave features on your system so we do have assignment XT right here and we do have an alarm comm module installed inside of it it's all set up and ready to go the alarm comm module itself actually has the z-wave radio installed right on it so when you do install that module in your system that's also going to be going in there now as I said we do have this act of an alarm comm and we are ready to go and we also have a Kwikset SmartCode 916 luck on this great looking display base which we're going to enroll into the system so I was going to take that off in a minute but as you can see the back plate was loose on the lock and we just took it off we're going to use these buttons to enroll into the system which we'll get to in a second but let's walk through programming to find where the z-wave stuff is in the system first so on our panel let me back out to the main screen for you - so now we're on the main screen first we have to go into programming so the first thing we're going to hit is status and you're gonna see system ok now if we press the down arrow and we keep going down we're gonna get to a menu that says system programming when you see this click OK now we have everything defaulted on the system so we're going to enter the four three two one default installer code four three and as you can see if you don't enter the code quick enough it's gonna back you out to the to the main menu so you do have to kind of enter it when you do see the the prompt so let's try again and just press down down down we're going to do system programming okay four three two one okay and now we're in system programming so what we have to do is you have to go down until we see the interactive services menu right here this is actually the z-wave or the menu that we're going to get our z-wave options in so I click ok and it says our alarm car alarm comm module status we can check that if we want but let's press down and you're gonna see z-wave setup this is where we want to be so we're going to click OK and as you can see there are no z-wave device that's currently programmed into the system if we press down we have our enroll or our add and our remove now with any z-wave device what you want to remove it or unenroll it from the system before and rolling it what this is going to do is have the system communicate with the device and clear any programming that's in the the z-wave module this is a good thing to do before and rolling it in because if there's anything that's in the actual module and you try to unroll it in you may get some weird operation and it could be frustrating so let's remove it first and then we're going to enroll it now just to show you what this back plate looks like hopefully you don't also drop it on the table that you're working on it slips right on the back of the lock and there's two screws on the side of it that you take out and then the back plate slips right off now behind the back plate you have your program button and your a and B button the a button was what we're actually going to use to program it into the system or and to remove from the system too so we have a remove z-wave device on our system so let's click OK to start the feature or the function and it says press button on device to remove so now it's asking us to hit the function button on our z-wave device so if I click the a button let me try clicking it again there we go I just didn't press it in hard enough as you can see the system did see the z-wave device and it has clear all the programming from it so now we're ready to enroll it so on our system click status or ok press the up arrow I think you'll see add z-wave device so I'm going to click OK to initiate the ad mode and then on a lock we're going to press the a button it says that it's in progress and now it's learning to the system learning in a z-wave device is as easy as that so as you can see it says device 10 added if I just click OK that doesn't do anything let me click status to back out or on the previous menu on the Simon XT system itself status is going to back you out so we're gonna click that until we go all the way back to the main menu so I backed us out to the previous menu just to show that you're not able to actually control the lock from the Simon XT system itself you will be able to control it through your alarm comm app or if you log into your alarm comm account on a computer but you can also control it from the RF touch screen keypad that enter logics does make to work with the Simon now I've already enrolled one before we started this just to show you how this lock works this is what the RF keypad looks like it has almost the same user interface or actually it's identical to the user interface that is to the the Simon XTi and the Simon XTi 5 the nice thing about the keypad though is you are able to operate the lock from the keypad itself now we do have the lock and roll into the system so on our keypad we're gonna click the gear and then we're gonna click the down arrow and you're gonna see door lock control let's click control and you'll see that here's our lock control and it says locked which is true now let's try clicking the unlock button it's going to ask you for our regular user code or master code 1 2 3 4 is the default that it works so as you can see you certainly can use a z-wave lock that's connected to your alarm calm activated Simon XT it's just that to be able to control it you're going to need a touchscreen keypad or you're going to have to use your phone tablet or computer through alarm comm to actually interact with the lock there is one thing that I want to mention though about z-wave locks and the Simon XT now each the away of lock is different so this isn't gonna be general or this isn't gonna be a hundred percent true for all them but it is going to be somewhat similar on the quick set that is you can actually factory default it and you can't install without any user codes when you do enroll a z-wave lock to your alarm comm activated system you are able to push down the lock codes from alarm comm now if you have codes in the lock already and they're filling up user slots that the alarm.com service is also gonna occupy it can get kind of messy and you can get run into some problems if the codes aren't cleared out or if the codes try to sync up what I did personally is I factory defaulted this lock before and rolling it in and then I went on alarm comm and I had the user code for my user on the Simon XT system push down from alarm comm go through the system and then update on the lock this lock supports that I would check your lock manufacturer to make sure that he that it does work like that or see the method that it does actually function in but just know that if you do have a z-wave lock and you are enrolling it to your alarm comm system there's a whole bunch of codes in the lock you may need to clear those codes out first for it to work properly with your alarm.com system so now that we've tested and use the lock let me show you how to factory reset it just in case you want to bring it back to its default settings before you do any installation with it it's not too hard to do you just have to do a few steps to complete the process so we have a quick set lock what you're gonna have to do to factory default it is take the front cover off and then gonna have to remove the battery pack which is this guy right here slides up and out now you're gonna have to hold down the program button and then reinsert the battery pack and we're gonna have to keep this press down for 30 seconds what's gonna happen is the locks gonna beep and the status LED right here on the front is gonna start flashing red knowing that we've completed this step correctly there's the red beep so now we're going to let go and then I'm going to press the program button one more time and the LEDs got a flash green and red several times there it goes and after a few seconds the lock is actually going to do its handing process which is where it finds out which side the the opening for the actual throw is figuring out which way to go there you go now our lock is fully factory defaulted and ready to be programmed again if you do have any questions about this how to set it up anything about z/os Simon systems in general feel free to give us a call eight at eight eight one eight seven seven two eight as our number feel free to head over to our website wwlp.com did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe and if you want to be notified about future videos hit the notification button below and we'll send you an update when we do so have a great day and thanks for watching