Enrolling the 2GIG PAD1-345 Wireless Keypad to the 2GIG GC2

Enrolling the 2GIG PAD1-345 Wireless Keypad to the 2GIG GC2

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hi-dee-hi virus this is Michael from alarm grid and today I'm gonna show you how to enroll your 2gig pad one three four five wireless keypad with your 2gig go control gc2 system now this is a pretty cool keypad it's it's very simple and it's just got push buttons on here it's got some emergency buttons fire and police you got staying away on here it's a very simple keypad nothing fancy about it if you're just looking for something to put by your back door maybe by your garage door you have multiple entrances into your home or your business and you just want something to put on the wall and you know disarmed arm your system very quickly as we're coming and going this is a great keypad to use it's very simple it communicates that the 345 megahertz frequency and it's used with the 2gig go control DC to you can also use it with the 2gig gc3 system and it's even compatible with the newer gc2 E and G c3e systems so it's a very versatile keypad very simple views and it's pretty easy to enroll so that's what I'm going to show you here today so we have the G C 2 system right here we have a disarmed we're at the main screen we're gonna click the 2gig logo in the bottom corner bottom right corner and then we're going to enter the default installer code or whatever installer code you have ours is set up the default it's one five six one so I'm gonna go ahead and enter that one five six one okay and then we're gonna choose system configuration and now we're in the programming menu here so this is question number four for keypad programming so what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna hit this go to button right here in the center of the arrows right there and then I'm just gonna enter zero four and now I'm at the keypad menu we don't have any keypads enrolled with the system right now so I'm gonna use keypad one so what I'm gonna do as you might know the 2gig programming it's it's a little bit you have to get used to it but it's not too bad so I'm we're just gonna keep at it at keypad one here basically the way this works you're using the side arrows to change within the selection and then using the up and down arrows to move between selections so to move on to the next one we're just gonna press the down arrow here and then we want this keypad to be enabled one would be enabled so what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna hit this side arrow here and then it's enabled so I'm gonna go to the next one and then I need to enter the equipment luckily the gc2 already knows the equipment code you can just press the side button there and then this quina code happens to be zero eight six seven and then you see pad one three four five wireless keypad which is what we're working with right here so we're just gonna accept that and we're gonna press down to continue and then we have to enter the serial number now a great thing about this is that you can auto enroll it so that way you can confirm that it's transmission transmitting properly make sure you have batteries in there by the way these use cr2032 batteries those are little coin lithium batteries so I'm gonna hold down you can hold down either the police or the fire button the panic signals to transmit a signal to the keypad and I'm just gonna do fire and hold it down actually I'm sorry what you have to do what you actually have to do is you have to put it into auto enrolment mode first so what you do is you press shift down here and then you press learn over here and now it's waiting for the transmission to go through so now I'm gonna press the panic signal and as you can see it beeps to confirm it has the you know it accepted the signal and it's into the system now so I'm gonna press ok to confirm and then you can see the serial number actually shows up on the screen ours is zero five eight four six two five so that's good so now I'm gonna go to the next one and next year studying the equipment age you can set it to new or existing this really doesn't matter it's gonna do the same either way no matter what you do so we're just gonna keep ours at new it really doesn't matter what you choose there and then you're setting the emergency keys to a disabled or enabled so this is if you want the police and fire panic functions if you want those to work you have to set this to enabled so let's say that we do so we would change it to one four enabled and go to the next one and then your this is where you would create a voice descriptor this is what the system would say if you if it had to talk to the keypad if it was announcing something about the keypad maybe it lost RF supervision something like that or it had a low battery and it was letting you know that there was a problem so you would enter a voice descriptor here we're fine with keypad one so we're just gonna go to the next one and then we're at the summary screen so we've finished going through all the programming settings so then what we're gonna do we can just go to edit next and then we're just going to go to end and now it's gonna give us a summary of everything you want to make sure that the Save Changes box is marked otherwise it won't save your changes and that would not be good so we're just going to go to exit and the system is actually gonna reboot to complete the process and then once it's rebooted the keypad is gonna be enrolled with the system so you just kind of have to wait for a brief moment for it to do its reboot um it does this whenever you're doing programming for the gc2 system it's completely normal it just takes a brief moment and there it came through just waiting for the screen to pop back up and there we go we're good to go um so I'm gonna show you how so what you actually what you want to do after you've enrolled it you want to make sure you test the keypad just to make sure it's working properly and everything so it's very easy to arm and disarm that's that's the best way to test the keypad so we're just gonna do an arming stay so I'm gonna press stay and then I'm gonna enter the master code we're set at the default ours is one one one one you want to make sure you change your master code but we kept ours at the default for demonstration purposes so stay and then one one one one one sometimes you have to do it a few times let's try again stay there we go armed stay I did it from the keypad as you saw so we're gonna wait for a few moments for this to clock down and then I'm gonna show you how to disarm so we'll just wait for that okay so now you can see that our - system is an arm stay mode so now I'm gonna show you how to disarm using the keypad and it's actually really simple you just enter your master code or whatever user code you have so as you can as you can see the system disarmed just after entering the master code and so that confirms that the keypad was enrolled successfully I can armed with it I can disarm with it it's working properly we're good to go so that's how you enroll a 2gig pad one three four five keypad with a 2gig go control gc2 system if you have any questions please send us an email at support at alarm grid comm if you like this video please give it a thumbs up below and you can subscribe to our channel if you want to get notifications on new videos and be sure to check out our website alarmgrid comm thanks have a great day bye