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2gig pad1 345

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The 2GIG PAD1-345 is a wireless auxiliary keypad for the Go!Control alarm system. There is no LCD display. The keypad consists of a simpl...
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The 2GIG PAD1-345 is a wireless auxiliary keypad for the Go!Control alarm system. There is no LCD display. The keypad consists of a simple number pad with quick arming keys, as well as police and fire panic buttons. It operates at 345MHz with a max RF range of 350 feet in open air. Up to 100 feet is the ideal distance between the keypad and the control panel. There are two included lithium coin cell batteries designed to power the keypad. The Go!Control panel supports up to 4 of these keypads.

The PAD1 is a compact device with the following physical dimensions: 5.73 inches by 4.25 inches by 1 inch. It is a perfect solution for placing at entry points for simple arming and panic executions. Damage to this keypad does not affect the integrity of the transmissions of alarm signals to your monitoring provider. So it can be beneficial to place the PAD1 at the doors and keep the main control panel in a more protected location. All programming must be done on the main control panel.

On pages 51-53 of the 2GIG Go!Control Installation guide, you will find the details for enrolling the PAD1 with your Go!Control panel. The keypad is programmed under Question 4 (Q4) in programming. First select 1 to enable the keypad. Then select the equipment code which is 0867 for the PAD1. Then enter the 7-digit serial number manually by typing it in. You can alos auto-enroll it by pressing "shift" followed by "learn" in programming. Then trigger the keypad to enroll the serial number automatically.

RF Keypad Reporting Codes for low battery and panics

Keypad 1 Reports as sensor #59

Keypad 2 Reports as sensor #60

Keypad 3 Reports as sensor #61

Keypad 4 Reports as sensor #62

The quick arming keys labeled, "Stay" and "Away" offer a way to arm the system on the way out with a single button press and hold for 2 seconds. The panic buttons for "Police" and "fire" are designed to trigger panic alarms and dispatch the authorities immediately. This requires enrollment in a central station monitoring service. Be sure to test the panic buttons with your security company to ensure they are working properly. You can select if the police panic button is audible (trigger the siren) or silent. You can request that the central station calls and verifies the panic situation in order to reduce false alarms.


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Im sorry but this keypad doesnt chime. If she by chance has a GC3 then you could use this keypad for chime: https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/2gig-sp2-gc3 If she has a GC2 then you would use this keypad for chime: https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/2gig-ts1
Does this keypad have a speaker for chimes? My mom has this system and would like a keypad in her bedroom so that she can hear the system being armed and disarmed and also doors opening and closing.
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