Excluding the August Smart Lock Pro to the Lyric Controller

Excluding the August Smart Lock Pro to the Lyric Controller




hi DIY RS this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm gonna show you how to exclude the august smartlock pro from the honeywell lyric alarm system now the august smartlock pro it has a few different protocols built in it's got bluetooth but today we're mostly focusing on the z-wave technology which is what allows it to pair with the honeywell lyric controller because the lyric has a built-in z-wave controller now as a z-wave device you can only pair this lock with one z-wave hub so if you have it paired with your with your lyric controller as a z-wave device and you want to bring it to a difference d-wave controller maybe Samsung smartthings maybe Qualis Saiki panel 2 plus you're gonna have to clear it from the existing z-wave Network so that's what we're going to show you how to do today and there's two steps to this process you have to activate the locks exclusion function and you have to activate the exclusion function on the lyric controller now the lock is mostly set up through the August home app which is available on Android and iOS devices you can download it for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store depending on what you're using today we have a tablet here which is an Android device and we have the August at we've been playing around with the lock setting it up and we have it currently paired with the lyric controller system and we're just going to show you how to go about excluding it from the network so you can add it to a new C wave device if you're if you're having trouble excluding it you can always perform a factory default but we're not going to cover that here we're gonna just go into the August app and it takes a few seconds for to pull up we have our lock named front door and it's at the alarm grid headquarters which is the best place ever and we do want to make sure it gets the status sometimes it can take a minute to you know connect to the lock but we're gonna we're gonna pull up the Settings icon which is in the bottom right corner and we see lock settings here for front door we're going to click on that and the z-wave settings is still grayed out here but there it just pulled up so we have that accessible now and it's connecting to our luck it's just gonna give us a few moments here to there it's now it's after after it fiddled around for a little bit it now says that the lock is connected to a z-wave hub which would be the lyric alarm system so what we're going to want to do we're going to want to access the exclusion mode on the lyric so we're going to go to automation and we're gonna press the down arrow on the right we're gonna choose tools and we're going to choose exclude devices and now the lyrics in its exclusion mode so we can remove the lock so we're turning our attention back to the app now we're gonna click remove z-wave device and we're gonna confirm that our hub is an exclusion mode which it is and it's verifying the setup it's communicating right now the lyric shows that the lock has been cleared from the z-wave Network and the app also appropriately shows your lock has been successfully disconnected from the z-wave hub aka the lyric alarm system so we successfully managed to clear the lock from the network we can click done and now we are able to add the lock to a new z-wave Network if we so desire like I said it could be anything smart things it could be an IQ penalty plus but we have cleared the lock from the lyric alarm system and just to be clear we're still at the screen where we have excluded the August smartlock pro you don't need to press the exclude button down there that will just put the lyric back into exclusion mode it's already excluded the lock so we're good to go we can just press this return arrow in the upper right corner and we can go back to the main screen and the lock will be cleared from the network you can add it to a new system as needed if you found this video helpful please click the thumbs up button below to like the video remember to subscribe to our channel to get updates on future videos and if you have any questions please email us at support at alarm grid comm we hope you found this video helpful thanks