Finding the Firmware Revision on a Lynx Touch

Finding the Firmware Revision on a Lynx Touch

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In this video, Jarrett explains how to find the firmware revision on a Resideo LYNX Touch Alarm System. These panels have a Master Tools Menu with a sub-option that shows the current firmware version. This can be very important if you need to determine if you must update the firmware for your panel.

The biggest reason to update the firmware for a Resideo LYNX Touch Security Panel is to get the system connected with an LTE cellular network. The LTE networks offer faster speeds and greater reliability than the older 2G and 3G networks, which are in the process of being shut down. By upgrading to LTE, you can ensure that your LYNX Touch System communicates as quickly and as reliably as possible. You will also extend its lifespan, as a system cannot communicate across a cellular network that has been shutdown.

Currently, on two LYNX Touch Systems are compatible with LTE communicators. These systems are the L5210 and the L7000. In order to support LTE, these systems must be running firmware revision 9 or higher. Firmware revision 9 is currently the highest firmware version available for these systems. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to push a firmware update down to these panels from AlarmNet360. Instead, you will need a Honeywell LYNXTOUCH-MSD Firmware Update Tool if you want to update the firmware. This updater tool can be purchased from the Alarm Grid website.

At this time, there are two LTE communicator options for the Resideo LYNX Touch Systems. There is an AT&T LTE communicator and a Verizon LTE communicator. Both communicators require the L5210 or L7000 System to be running firmware revision 9 or higher. Remember, the choice between AT&T and Verizon in this case has nothing to do with your personal cellular service provider. You should go with whichever service works better in your area. For example, you can have a Verizon phone and use AT&T LTE communication with your L5210 or L7000 System.


Hey, DIYers. Jarrett with Alarm Grid here. Today we're going to be discussing how you would find the firmware revision for the Honeywell Lynx Touch systems. Now, you can find the firmware revision by checking the test menu within the master tools menu of the system. Once you do so, then you would be able to see the firmware revision at the top of the screen. Now, it is very important to check the firmware revision for the Lynx touch panels because the firmware revision itself is very important to the system. Especially if you wanted to use certain panel features or even certain accessories with the system, the firmware revision does come into play with that aspect. So one of the examples as to why you want to check it, if you did want to use or upgrade to an LTE communicator for the system. The firmware revision for the L5210 and the L7000 would need to be on Firmware Version 9 or higher. Now, the other reason as to why you would want to check that the firmware is to obviously ensure the longevity of the alarm system as well. Because as you already know, devices that are on the lower firmware version may not work as well as they would with the newer firmware version. So it's always good to update the system every now and then to make sure that you are getting the new features and everything with that new firmware update. Now, the L5210 and the L7000 systems, those are the only Lynx touch panels that can use an LTE communicator. Now, the LT communicator that's compatible with those systems is either the Honeywell LTE-L57A, which is an AT&T LTE communicator, or a Honeywell LT-L57V, which is a Verizon LTE communicator. Now, if you did have an L5210 or an L7000 and you did need to upgrade the firmware version, there is an updater tool that you can use. It's called the Honeywell Lynx Touch MSD updater tool. This device would allow you to update the system locally by just opening up the panel. There's a specific way of how you can do so. There is no option to be able to update the firmware over the air anymore. So you can't call up your company and have them just push a firmware update to the Lynx Touch. You have to use the updater tool now. Now, the L5210 and the L7000, those are the only Lynx Touch panels that can receive a new firmware update. So if you have an L5200 or an L5100, even an L5000, unfortunately you can't update the firmware for those systems anymore. So if you did ended up needing new features or if you wanted to use an LTE communicator, you would be better off either replacing it with an L5210, an L7000, or even the Honeywell Lyric. So if you did want to check the firmware version of the Honeywell Lynx Touch, you're just going to follow these simple steps. So at the mainstream, what you going to do is you're going to tap Security. And then you're going to hit More. And you're going to see that for Tools. So you can tap Tools. And you're actually going to type in the master code. So the default master code is one, two, three, four. Now, as you see, you'll see the test. So if you just tap it it'll take you to the test menu. And right here at the top of the screen, you will see the revision. So as you can see, Rev:09.00209. So right now our Honeywell Lynx Touch is on firmware version nine. So if we did want to use an LTE communicator, we certainly can. So once you have checked the firmware version, you can either hit the House button, the green House button at the bottom, take you all the way back to the main menu. Or you could just hit the back arrow until you go all the way back to the main menu as well. And that is how you check the firmware revision on the Honeywell Lynx Touch systems. If you have any questions about the Honeywell Lynx Touch or alarm systems in general, please contact us at or go to our website, If you found this video helpful, please like, subscribe. If you want notifications of the future videos, please click the bell icon. This is Jarrett with Alarm Grid. You have yourself a great day.