Honeywell L7000

Wireless Home Security System w/ 7-inch Screen

Honeywell L7000 - Wireless Home Security System with 7 Inch Screen

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The Honeywell L7000 is the most comprehensive security system ever released. The 7-inch display, it's ability to handle up to 4 cameras, and more zones than ever before, this easy to use device is Honeywell's most sought after DIY panel to date.
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The Honeywell 7000 is Honeywell's newest addition to its line of home security products. The 7000 is a state of the art wireless panel with a beautiful, large, LCD 7-inch screen. With a few more features than its sister panel, the L5200, the 7000 replaces Honeywell's most popular wireless security system, the L5100.

Capable of displaying high-fidelity video from Honeywell's Total Connect security cameras, the 7000's unparalleled in its quality. Its stunning screen, much like the Tuxedo Touch, a VISTA (wireless security system) series keypad, gives the user numerous benefits over other security systems in the market.

Moreover, it's ability to handle 84 zones means that this panel not only beats out any of its competitors for its ability to handle zones in the home, it also means that almost no one will have trouble running out of zones, even the biggest homes or offices. The Honeywell 7000 does more than just security. Like its predecessor, the 7000 works as a Z-Wave controller. The 7000's Z-Wave module is simple to install, and makes the neatest home automation options available to anyone at an affordable price.

Like any modern-day security system, the 7000 can be monitored over IP using the WIFI module or GSM using the 7000's cellular module.


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You can use the wireless sensors with the L7000 but that first picture looks like a wired glass break detector. You will be better off replacing that with a 5853 - Once you have the WIFI installed in the L7000, signing up for our Self Monitoring plan ( which is $10/month, with no contract, would get you access to Total Connect 2.0 so you can remotely control the system from a smart phone or computer and receive text/email alerts from the system.
I stopped paying for ADT about a year and now I'm using Canary that I really don't like and probably will return the device. I have a few Honeywell wifi thermostats and probably this might be compatible, I don't really need to be that compatible BUT I would like to know if: 1) I can do complete self monitoring with the lynx L7000 (using the wifi module) 2) Reuse some of the existing pieces from my old equipment 3) Will I be able to use the existing wiring to replace that equipment? (Pictures of my existing system attached) Thank you
No, you can't connect another LYNX Touch panel to an L7000. Also, the Tuxedo is a wired keypad and will therefore only work with a wired VISTA panel. There are no touch screen options for additional keypads on a LYNX Touch system. You can use the 5828/5828V wireless keypads though -
Hello, can I install more than one panel?. Another Linx 7000 or Tuxedo for example?
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