Honeywell L7000

Wireless Home Security System w/ 7-inch Screen

Honeywell L7000 - Wireless Home Security System with 7 Inch Screen

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The Honeywell L7000 is the most comprehensive security system ever released. The 7-inch display, it's ability to handle up to 4 cameras, and more zones than ever before, this easy to use device is Honeywell's most sought after DIY panel to date.
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The Honeywell 7000 is Honeywell's newest addition to its line of home security products. The 7000 is a state of the art wireless panel with a beautiful, large, LCD 7-inch screen. With a few more features than its sister panel, the L5200, the 7000 replaces Honeywell's most popular wireless security system, the L5100.

Capable of displaying high-fidelity video from Honeywell's Total Connect security cameras, the 7000's unparalleled in its quality. Its stunning screen, much like the Tuxedo Touch, a VISTA (wireless security system) series keypad, gives the user numerous benefits over other security systems in the market.

Moreover, it's ability to handle 84 zones means that this panel not only beats out any of its competitors for its ability to handle zones in the home, it also means that almost no one will have trouble running out of zones, even the biggest homes or offices. The Honeywell 7000 does more than just security. Like its predecessor, the 7000 works as a Z-Wave controller. The 7000's Z-Wave module is simple to install, and makes the neatest home automation options available to anyone at an affordable price.

Like any modern-day security system, the 7000 can be monitored over IP using the WIFI module or GSM using the 7000's cellular module.


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Check out the two following FAQs: Auto-stay Mode - Transmission lockout feature if you are testing motions -
I am setting up a new l7000. When I arm it in "Arm Away" mode it reverts to "Arm Stay" mode. What am I doing wrong?
You can unplug the internal siren but you will lose the voice annunciations and keypad beeps in the bedroom as well. There is no way to program the siren to be silent at the main L7000 panel so unplugging it or trying to muffle the speaker on the unit itself would be your only options.
I have a Lynx 7000 panel on the wall by our bedroom. I have a remote siren connected to this panel which is located on the first floor of our home. Is there a way to turn off the internal siren on the Lynx7000 panel. We had a couple of false alarms and do not like siren blasting in our bedroom.
This product (and our wireless system kits) come with the standard capacity battery but you can order the higher capacity batteries online at The backup battery time will depend on which communicators (IP and/or GSM) you have in the system.
Is the above with a 4 Hr. battery or the 24 Hr. battery ?
We do not offer one but here are the physical dimensions: 8.5"W x 6"H x 1.875"D. I recommend going to a home depot or lowes with these specs and finding an enclosure that fits these specs.
Is there a clear non-lockable cover that will fit this panel? Something like a t-stat enclosure.
I wish you all the best. If it is bad an L5200 or L7000 would both be suitable replacements. Or you could wait for the new Lyric ( ) to be released.
Well at least there is hope. Maybe i can find another transformer that i can test with that is the right amperage. I really appreciate the help. Lets say i have to buy a new one. will this one the L7000 be the closest replacement as to what i have? I will let you know if i find another supply and what the outcome is so everyone else has a response to it.
Well the panel uses a 9VDC, 2.7A transformer so I'm not sure if your transformer is causing the issues or if your L5000 has gone bad.
Honeywell class 2 power supply model number 300-04705v1 Ibut 102-132v .6a Output 9v DC 2.5amp My fluke measures 9.4v DC on the terminals of the power supply and 9.04v on the ground and postive screw down terminals on the control board for the l5000
What specs are on your adapter?
I did. I get the Unix box post a couple seconds later white screen with home and panic installed I do have an after market power adapter. I wonder if I need to hard wire power to the screwa instead
Have you tried unplugging battery and transformer and then powering up, battery first, while pressing and holding the Home and Panic hard touch buttons?
I currently have a Lync L5000. It has been installed in the home for a long time. At the moment it will not start at all. It has been unplugged for about 18months because i got tired of paying for the monitoring. Now when i try to boot it back up, all i get after the preboot black screen is a solid white screen. I have tried everything i can think of. I removed all the cards and plugs (power, batter, antenna) off the mother board and tried to start it again still same result. I am assuming that since this thing is so old that its shot and i need to buy a new one. My home has hard wired sensors for all the windows and doors there is a wireless motion sensor and a wireless door sensor that was a replacement due to broken wire. Since i knew i had to get rid of the old system and i wanted to do it all myself. I went ahead and ordered the RE208-Hardwired to Honeywell device. Now that i have to order another control panel which one that you sell will work with that device... (or if you can tell me how to repair the L5000 Honeywell that would be great, but i have been searching on the web and all i get is that its time to RMA the panel. I figured since it is so old that i am not going to be able to do that either) Please advise Thank you so much Steve
Yes, with the L5100-WIFI modules installed and connected to your network, you'd be able to use a phone with the $0.99 paid LYNX Connect app to control the system when you are on the same network as the system. If you wanted any text/email alerts or remote access, then you'd have to sign up for one of our no-contract plans at for access to Total Connect 2.0 services.
I want to get either the L5200 or the L7000. Can I control this system from my iphone within the same network, using the connect app WITHOUT having to pay for total connect. I want a system that I can control from my phone from within the network, and I don't care about "remote" access, but I don't want to pay a monthly fee. Is this possible with this system?
You can use the wireless sensors with the L7000 but that first picture looks like a wired glass break detector. You will be better off replacing that with a 5853 - Once you have the WIFI installed in the L7000, signing up for our Self Monitoring plan ( which is $10/month, with no contract, would get you access to Total Connect 2.0 so you can remotely control the system from a smart phone or computer and receive text/email alerts from the system.
I stopped paying for ADT about a year and now I'm using Canary that I really don't like and probably will return the device. I have a few Honeywell wifi thermostats and probably this might be compatible, I don't really need to be that compatible BUT I would like to know if: 1) I can do complete self monitoring with the lynx L7000 (using the wifi module) 2) Reuse some of the existing pieces from my old equipment 3) Will I be able to use the existing wiring to replace that equipment? (Pictures of my existing system attached) Thank you
No, you can't connect another LYNX Touch panel to an L7000. Also, the Tuxedo is a wired keypad and will therefore only work with a wired VISTA panel. There are no touch screen options for additional keypads on a LYNX Touch system. You can use the 5828/5828V wireless keypads though -
Hello, can I install more than one panel?. Another Linx 7000 or Tuxedo for example?
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