Honeywell L5210

LYNX Touch Wireless Security System with 4-1/3 inch Screen

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The L5210 is a beautiful security system with a 4.3 inch screen. It works with all of Honeywell's various wireless sensors, and, along with the L7000 is the industry's top-of-the-line residential security system. If you are getting ready to install your very own system, the L5210 is the perfect unit for you along with the LT-Cable which will make installation much easier.
  • Andersen VeriLock
  • Home Assistant
  • Total Connect
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Z-Wave
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The Honeywell L5210 is the replacement panel for it's predecessor the L5200. Featuring a smaller. 4.3 inch screen, this lower priced panel, has all the features of the L5200 with a smaller price-tag. Additionally, the L5210's look has been updated to make it look more like the slightly beefier L7000, which has more zones available, handles more key fobs, and boasts a substantially larger screen.

Like all of the modern day LYNX panels (except for the L3000), the L5210 allows for an incredible home automation experience that parallels all the amazing Honeywell panels that came before. Whether it's lighting or locks or the incredible money-saving ability to schedule thermostat temperatures, the L5210 is a top of the line system made by one of the most trusted names in the industry, Honeywell.

While the L7000 boasts more features and the ability to handle more zones, the L5210's 63 programmable wireless zones, 16 key fob zones, and a slot for a programmable trigger output, makes it more than an adequate choice for almost any job, big or small. More than that, with an L5100-ZWAVE seated in its appropriate slot, the system is a capable Z-Wave controller. Supporting up to three Z-wave thermostats, Four door locks, 40 Z-Wave devices proper, and the ability to schedule nearly 20 events and 20 rules, as well as enhanced security features such as randomized lighting controls, the Honeywell L5210 can act as a primary or secondary Z-Wave controller, giving a homeowner state-of-the-art control over every aspect of their home.

As is the case with any security system, the L5210 is likely the last security system in Honeywell's line of modern equipment to feature a RJ31X port, which means that if you are one of the few who absolutely need the option to use a traditional phone line, this is the system to get as the L7000 does not come with the port. For the more traditional user, however, the L5210 comes with all the traditional monitoring options including the iLP5 which will give the ability to hardline the system into a router, the 3GL which will give an user the ability to use their local AT&T cellular network for sending out signals (Rogers radios can also be sourced when needed), and the L5100-WIFI will allow an user to connect to their local network without the need for a wire run using the WIFI signal. The most secure option is to use the redundancy of the L5100-WIFI with the 3GL, though a 3GL on its own will be almost as reliable since cellular networks are rarely down. The WIFI is a less secure option and prone to the possibility of a thief cutting an outdoor cable, though for many users, the option is secure enough. You will have to evaluate for yourself what option works best for you and your family. In spite of all of it's many peripherals, however, it's important to remember that the L5210 doesn't come with wires, only a transformer that plugs into the wall. For those looking to wire the system themselves, 18-2 wire will do the trick. For those that are looking for a more practical, out of the box option, the LT-Cable will make installation a breeze.

One of the distinct features of the LYNX series security systems is their interface-ability with Total Connect 2.0 made by AlarmNet, Honeywell's interactive brand. As long as the system is monitored using one of the AlarmNet communicators such as the 3GL or the L5100-WIFI, the L5210 will allow arming and disarming from the app. Events triggered in the system will send out emails and/or text alerts depending on how the user has set up their Total Connect app. Additionally, for anyone who is signed up for a AlarmNet compatible plan on Alarm Grid, the ability to control Z-Wave devices can be controlled from the app itself which gives homeowners utter flexibility over their system.

The unit has a built in 85 dB sounder isn't quite as loud as its predecessors, but can be easily supplemented with an external siren such as the 5800WAVE. For anyone who prefers an ear-peelingly loud siren, however, the WBOX 120 dB strobe/siren combination might be the perfect choice. That combined with the the LYNX-EXT allows the extension of this system to any wired or wireless siren combination. For those that have previously had a wired system, the 5800C2W will allow seamless conversion of the wired system to a wireless system.

In all, this wireless panel is one an excellent companion to the L7000. For those looking for a security system with all the bells and whistles and a great price tag to boot, the L5210 is the security system you've been looking for.

  • In order to support the LTE-L57V the panel must be on version 9.00.201 or higher
  • In order to support the LTE-L57A the panel must be on version 9.00.209 or higher

To update the panel, you must purchase the Honeywell LYNXTOUCH-MSD tool and then follow these instructions.

Brand: Honeywell

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You can only if you have Total Connect 2.0. If you do not you can signup for as little as $10/mo.
Yes, you can set up multiple user codes: Take a look here:
Is there a way to have two different codes work for the same system? We would ideally like to have a vendor code for a repair guy and then an employee code.
That is something that is not integrated with the system at this time. You may want to reach out to the manufacture.
Negative . I need a password lock . Who do I contact to make that possible
Hi Brian, unfortunately, you cannot put a password or lock the settings section.
How do I put a password on the settings or lock that screen so people do not keep changing volume ?
The 103 error indicates communication failure.This error doesn't stop you from arming/disarming so the panels features should still be operational. We do offer monitoring as well so if you are interested take a look here:
I have a Lynx 5210 that was purchased March 2016. All of a sudden the system is showing 103 Comm Trouble and will not set. Anybody have any ideas how to fix this? I've searched the internet but cant find anything on how to fix this.
Yes, as long as the panel is a revision 8 or higher.
Does this panel support the CDMA-L57 cell?
Hi John, In that case I suggest the 5828V,
Oops! I realized I typed Lyric at the end. I have the Lynx 5210. Will that still work? Thanks!
The Lyric has the LKP500 keypad which chime and annunciate some zones for you. This will allow you keep the sound levels at a moderate level.
I have the L5210 but it is difficult to hear where I have it - for chimes and announcements when a door or window is open. I can turn up the volume, but then I go deaf when I'm near the panel to arm/disarm it. Is there an auxiliary siren that also works as an announcer for the Lyric?
Question regarding WiFi cameras.... Are you saying that the L5210 will support ONLY Honeywell Wireless Cameras. Second question is what is the total number of cameras it will support total... NOT, how many will display on the screen at one time? Tks
Do you have existing wired sensors? If so I recommend swapping in the 5800C2W ( ) to convert your wired zones to wireless. Then purchase the Lyric Controller ( ) which has built-in Z-Wave and WIFI. You can use the ST hub and Lyric in tandem as primary/secondary controllers.
I have a older ADT system using a 6150 or 6160 (ADT branded) keypad. I also now have a Smartthings hub. My question is, could I replace my keypad with the L5210, to gain Z wave and communicate with my hub. This way all my older sensors stay in place.
No, the system won't send you alerts without some level of service but we have plans as low as $10/month with no contract required available online at The L5100-ZWAVE module would be needed to tie in Z-Wave lights, locks or thermostats and we offer it online at The phone connection is built into the panel but the WIFI module is separate -
Can I set this up without paying for a monthly monitoring fee? Just have it notify me via text or email? Does the 5210 have the Zwave built in or is that an add on, also is the ability to hook to phone line and router built in or extras to buy?
The L5200 and L5210 both support up to 64 wireless zones and an additional 16 dedicated key fob zones.
Will this system only support 40 sensor channels, even though it seems the 5200 would support 84?
Thank you for clarifying that. I was wondering since both of them work on WiFi there might be a way to make them talk to each other.
No, only the AlarmNet IPCAMs (available at ) will work with the L5200/L5210 LYNX Touch panels.
Can you connect Armcrest WiFi Camera ( with Honeywell Lynx 5200/5210? If so, how do you do it. Thanks, Warren
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