Finding the MAC and CRC on a Lyric Security System

Finding the MAC and CRC on a Lyric Security System

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hey DL wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over how to find the mac in CRC on lyric controller so today I'm working with this lyric alarm system and if you guys are just getting it out of the box the Macan crc should actually be on the actual packaging of the lyric alarm system the Mac and Sierra's the Mac is a 12 12 character number and letters and then the CRC is four characters now again like I said the Mac can see our C can be found on the box if you bought the lyric brand-new if you have not installed the lyric you may want to take down the Mac and CRC as well it can actually be found on the back before you mount it I'll show you guys right now I'm gonna get a little bit of beeping on here just hit tap so if you look right here rather than Eve this barcode area it'll show you the Mac it's twelve digits and then the crc is four characters sorry the Mac is twelve characters the crc is four characters so twelve and four all right let me put this back on I stopped getting that cover tamper so let me go ahead and clear this all right so that would be the first thing you guys want to know down if you guys can before installing it just know down the Macan CRC if you guys have a lyric that is already installed to get the Macan crc i'm gonna show you how to do that through the Installer menu so to do that this is the home screen of the lyric you have security automation video smart scenes notices settings you would hit security after you hit security you should see tools on the top right it's gonna ask you for code now a lot of people confuse the master code with the installer code the master code is going to take you to a screen where you can add new user codes configure the Wi-Fi do tests etc the installer code is what allows you to go into programming I'll show you guys that right now now since my panels defaults in my default master code is one two three four and my default installer code is four one one two so watch if you guys come to this screen where it says user events advanced keypad all of that then you guys are on the wrong screen you guys need to make sure you're using the installer code if you guys use the code and was taken to this screen that means that is your master code your installer code will take you to a slightly different screen so mine and remember I said it's four one one two you see it's completely different screen takes me to a programming test events update firmware I'm gonna hit program once I'm there hit comm Diagnostics hit the down arrow key to the right hand side one time and then go to communication ID numbers that is the third way that you can actually find your Mac and CRC you'll see right there it's 12 characters and then the CRC is four characters and it'll say panel in parentheses so now you may ask sorry well let me go ahead and back out to the home screen after you get the Mac and CRC just hit the back arrow key all the way out and that's all you have to worry about now if you're asking why we need the Mac and CRC to the panel it's so that if you looking to get monitored and activated that's how the alarm companies communicate to the lyric system they need to know the Mac and the CRC after they know this they can create your account on AlarmNet and after creating the account you can go ahead and do any EULA acceptance or anything like that it depends what firmware the panel is but that is how monitoring companies are alarm companies activate your lyric alarm system they need that Mac and CRC so that's definitely one of the things you want to make sure you note down you remember right out of the box before you install it behind it or if you moved into a home that already has a lyric alarm system or if you just mounted and forgot to get that information you can use the key the instructions that it just showed you guys on the you know going through the programming screen yeah so that was the quickest dollar quick easy ways to find the Mac in searcy on the lyric alarm system if you guys have any questions you can email us at support at alarm code comm if you guys found this video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable no don't enable the notifications that way whenever we upload new content and you guys do get notified thank you guys I'll see you next time