Finding the MAC and CRC on a Tuxedo Touch WIFI

Finding the MAC and CRC on a Tuxedo Touch WIFI

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hey di wires I'm Jorge from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over how to find the Mac in the CRC on a tuxedo touch Wi-Fi so first of all the tuxedo touch Wi-Fi it is a touchscreen z-wave controller for a wired Vista system so what this means is that it's one of the only touchscreen keypads that's available for the Vista wired series and then it also comes with built in z-wave capability so if you guys are looking at adding door locks door locks lamp modules garage door controllers thermostats anything that z-wave home automation in order to add that to a Vista panel you need a z-wave controller which is a tuxedo touch Wi-Fi is a z-wave controller and then the other the other one available is the VAM and then there's also an SCM but that's for alarm comm so again this is our tuxedo touch now if you guys have not powered on the tuxedo touch the easiest way to find it is before you even set it up it is on a sticker in the back which is what I'm gonna show you guys right now so I'm gonna take it off that's back plate and then I'm gonna show you guys where exactly on the back it is so before you guys take it off or I'm sorry before you guys actually install it if you guys just look at the back if you guys look at the back here it'll actually have the mac and CRC on a sticker right here now if you guys have already installed it I'm gonna show you guys how to get to that information while this the keypad is powered on let me just put this on the back plate here there you go so to get to it from the actual home scheme on the tuxedo you literally just need two button presses yeah you're gonna go ahead and hit the on the bottom left if you're on the home screen of your tuxedo touch on the bottom left go ahead and hit the little the little Settings icon it's the little wrench and the screwdriver so you hit that button and then again on the bottom left there's a golden eye with three computers they look like they're interconnected so once you click on that button it takes you to the Mac in the CRC now the Mac and CRC is important for your monitoring company to have if you guys are trying to link in any automation devices that you have onto your tuxedo onto the Total Connect application we need the Mac and the CRC in order to add this z-wave automation to your Total Connect account so if you guys do have a tuxedo touch Wi-Fi and you guys are gonna end up setting up service just make sure that you guys do get the Mac and CRC write it down on a piece of paper text it to yourself note it down wherever you need to but have it available on hand that way just in case you guys can actually see whenever the monitoring company asking you can pull it out very easily now my screen went dark there let me go in and get to that screen again so again hit the little Settings icon in the bottom left and again the little golden eye with the three computers now the Mac and CRC is a 12 character numbers and letters right it usually starts with 0 0 Delta 0 to Delta and then the last six are the is what differentiates every tuxedo touch from each other so you want to make sure that that is the number that you're looking at and then the CRC is just four characters sometimes it's all numbers sometimes it's all letters again yours can be different depending on what tuxedo touch Wi-Fi you have but I'm gonna go ahead and back out of here so yes this is the tuxedo touch Wi-Fi this is how you add z-wave control to your vista 20p having the MAC and CRC is important it that way you can give it to your monitoring company if you want to add it to your total to count to control your devices while you're away from the house again you can find the sticker on the back if it's not installed so if you're just now starting to install it just look at the sticker on the back or you can do the on-screen instructions which I just showed you guys how to do if you guys do have any questions you can always email us at support at alarm grid comm and make sure that you hit like on a video if you found that helpful subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon to enable notifications so whenever we upload new content you do get notified I'm George I'll see you guys next time