Honeywell 5828: Program to an L5100

Learn how to set the 5828's house ID code so that it works with the Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100 wireless security system

Can tell you first hand they are prompt as I was doing a test while i didn't notify them to put me in test mode. To do a few changes. And a fault was created and my cell was ringing. I didn't grab it and then my back up number which is my landline was ringing. That one I grabbed and glad I did!! Gave the password explained and then they put me in test mode so i could freely work on the system. Alarmgrid and Critcom are awesome!
I just reset mine to a different number leaving installer code alone as I am used to it. Love the flexibility of this system and this company.
You can add as many wireless keypads as you want. I would recommend setting the House ID to any two digits number between 01 and 30 but avoid 10 as that is default on some systems. It's not really a security risk to leave the installer code default as the system can't be disarmed by the installer code unless the installer code was used to arm the system.
couple questions. is there a limit to how many keypads for multiple floored homes? And do you recommend changing the house ID code away from default and as well with installed code would you change that as well for better security?
We include APL for all compatible systems when you sign up for a plan that includes central station service (Basic Monitoring or Monitoring Plus).
Thank you. I'm looking at the sign-up options. Monitoring Plus Total Connect with cellular. I don't see any option for Advance Protection Logic (APL) "Smash and Crash" reporting. Is that available? Is it an option or included. Thanks.
We use Criticom as our central station partner and they average 30-45 seconds response time. You can check them out at
Ok, I'll double check programming. Another question. Shopping for monitoring service shortly (once I get all set up). Can you tell me the average response time with AlarmGrid? Other companies seem to make a point of it, but I don't see anything on your website. Thanks.
I believe that is normal functionality but it could be that you have some of the keypad programming off which may be causing the issue. Feel free to call us if you'd like to go through the programming together.
Yes, display comes on showing current status (i.e. "Chime" and "AC") But, not very bright, nor easy to read. Actually, display stays on with transformer.
Does the full display come on when you hit the * key?
Using the transformer, seems like backlight is only on right side of display screen nothing on left side to backlight so screen seems dark. Is that correct? Or should there be backlighting on the left side of display screen as well. To me looks like 3 little green led's on right side of display screen. They don't provide enough light to "full keypad of keys. Thanks.
I'm sorry Jim but I don't understand the question. Do you use an AC transformer with the 5828V or is it just on batteries only?
Hi Sterling. Love all your videos around the Lynx 5100 and accessories. Thank you for them. However, I have a question regarding the 5828v keypad. Is the backlighting on the screen only on the right side (3 little led's), or should there be same on left side? Screen is hard to read. Also, not much backlighting behind 4 panic buttons. Thank you, Jim

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