Honeywell 6160RF: Toggle Chime

In this detailed video, we will show you how to toggle the chime indicators on your 6160RF control panel.

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Chimes are audible alerts when a sensor installed in your security system is triggered. When a door or window opens, or glass breaks, the sensor relays that trigger to the control panel. The control panel will sound an audible alert to let you know something has happened.

Our video will discuss how to toggle these tones. There are many reasons to change the sounds for your various alarms. As seen in the video, one option is to have an audible recognition when an alarm is triggered.

You can toggle the chimes for the different sensors so that each sensor or each sensor type either has an audible alert through the control panel or not. This will allow you to know from the control panel if alarms are triggered.

To adjust the chime of your sensors you need to access the Honeywell 6160RF control panel keypad. Flip the door panel down to see the push button key pad. The tutorial shows you how to access the panel.

You will need your master user code. The master code is different than the installer code. By default, the master code is 1234. The video will instruct you that you should change the default master code. If you are currently setting up a new system, you should modify the master code now.

If you have not changed your master code, you can use the default factory code of 1234 to toggle the alert chimes. The process is simple and following along with our video you will be able to toggle your alarm chimes quickly.

After you enter your master code, you need to press the chime button. This is the same as button number 9 on the key pad for easy reference. Once you enter the master code and press chime, the LCD panel will display that disarmed the chime. To toggle the chime off, you enter the master code once again followed by the chime button.

Now your chime tone is off. In the event of a power cycle, or if the memory has been rebooted, the chime will be disabled by default. The video will explain the different ways that a reboot or power cycle will happen.

If this happens, you will need to enable the chime by toggling it back to on. To do this, you enter the master code followed by the number 9, or chime, key on the push button key pad. This will enable the chime and set the toggle back to on.

It is important to note that this method is for the global chime only. You do have the ability to set different chimes by the zone which is a feature we briefly describe in this video. You can watch a more detailed video on the chime by zone feature, which is more in depth than the global chime that is set here.


Hi, DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. We're back in the video lab working on the 6160RF keypad. And we're going to be showing you how to toggle chime today. So the Chime feature is a feature that allows you to set up your door, windows, motions, whatever contacts or sensors you have programmed to your system. You can enable them to initiate a chime or a little audio tone at your keypads when they're open or faulted.

So I'm going to show you how to do this on the 6160RF. So we're going to swing down the door here. Now the only thing you need to toggle chime is your master user code, not to be confused with the installer code, which by default is 4 1 1 2. The master code is 1 2 3 4. And by default, we always recommend changing that.

So if you're just setting up your system and you still have things set on default, then you can use the 1 2 3 4 code, which we have set in our lab just to keep things simple. But yours is probably different. So just figure out whatever that master code is and use that to toggle the chimes.

So it's a really easy thing. It will be a quick video here today. We're going to enter 1 2 3 4, followed by 9, which says chime on it. It makes it a little easier to remember. And it'll say disarmed chime right on the keypad.

Now if you have a fixed English keypad, then it'll actually just write a little chime text on it. It won't actually read out like this. But this is a rule for any of the Honeywell Vista compatible keypads, so the 6150, 6152, 6150V, 6150RF and then all the 6160 models. So the 6160, 6160V, 6160RF, which is the keypad were working on now and then the 6162RF, as well, as well as the regular 6162.

So all of the 6150 and 60 series keypads simply enter your master code, which we have as 1 2 3 4 and then 9. Now you'll notice that when I answered it again, now the chime is disabled. So it's a toggle in the sense that any time you enter it, it'll change to the opposite position.

So if the chime is off, it'll turn it on. If it's own, it'll turn it off. One thing to be cognizant on, if you do have chime enabled, if you ever power cycle your panel, or lose power, or you go in and out of programming, any time you reset the memory on the panel, the chime will be disabled.

So I can show you here. Right now, we have the chime disabled. I'll go ahead and enable it one more time. It will show disarmed chime.

I'll now go into programming using the installer code, followed by 800. Again, we have the installer code still at the default, 4 1 1 2. And now I'll do star 9 9 to exit out of programming.

Now before when I entered programming, the chime was enabled. So now you can see it's disabled. That's an example of something that would reset the memory and disable the chime automatically. Once you notice that, you can just enter your master code, followed by nine, and enable the chime again.

So it reboots. And entering, exiting out of programming or going to reset that memory and disable the chime automatically, you just re-enable it just by the simple code plus the nine key. And that will enable the chime.

Now this is a global chime. So we're not going to get into too much detail on the star 26 chime by zone setting. We can do in a future video. But that is a setting that by default is disabled, meaning that you won't be able to set specific zones to chime, but this will be kind of a global chime.

So any of your doors and windows that are programmed in the system, they'll set to chime when their faulted. You can disable the chime globally and keep it like that or enable them globally, meaning all of them when they open and close, they'll chime at the keypad if it's on.

If you wanted to set them independently, you can go into programming and enable the star 26 chime by zone. Now we're get will do different video on that, because it is a little complicated with a few fields involved. And then once you enable that, you have to assign specific zones to a zone list in a submenu, where you can choose specific zones to chime.

We'll get into that in another video. For now, I just wanted to show you how to toggle chime on your keypad and kind of go over the tips around how to reset or to be sure to reset it after you enter and exit programming or reboot your system. So if you have any further questions on your keypad Chime settings, you can email us at, and subscribe to our channel.