Honeywell iGSMV4G: Communicator Review

The Honeywell iGSMV4G combines speed, safety and reliability to provide the most advanced monitoring for your security system.

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As Sterling describes in the video, the Honeywell iGSMV4G is the “best of both worlds” when it comes to alarm system communicators. Where the iGSMV4G differs from models such as the GSMV4G is in how it communicates with the alarm company. Some models use the internet to communicate, and there are also models that use a cellular network to communicate.

Meanwhile, the iGSMV4G combines both communication methods to provide you with a safer and more reliable system. The iGSMV4G features the same SIM card and AT&T cellular service as the GSMV4G, but it also adds an ethernet port. The ethernet port allows you to connect the communication system to your router to provide it with internet service.

As the video explains, this can be a nice benefit to have because it provides you with fast responses to your commands while also offering cellular reliability. For example, for Total Connect 2.0 customers, the internet connection allows the system to process your commands more quickly than you’d be able to do with a cellular communicator. But, the iGSMV4G also can use cellular communication if internet service at your home or business is interrupted.

This provides additional safety and security because if there’s some sort of an issue with your router, or if your internet service is down, or if a criminal has the presence of mind to cut your internet wiring before attempting a break in, you’ll still be covered by the cellular network. In the event of any issue with the internet connectivity, the iGSMV4G instantly and automatically switches to cellular communications until the internet service is restored.

Sterling says that for many customers, they’re unsure if they should go for the speed and affordability of an internet only communicator, or the safety and reliability of a cellular only communicator. A benefit of the iGSMV4G is that it provides the most flexibility regarding your options. The iGSMV4G can be set up as a cellular communicator, an internet communicator, or a dual path communicator. The type of service the communicator provides can be changed at any time, thus providing you with a level of flexibility you won’t have if you opt for a communicator that only does one or the other.

The video presents us with a hypothetical. Let’s say that you opt for an internet only communicator but find out that your internet service isn’t quite as reliable as you thought it was. Now, you’d like to switch to a cellular or dual path communicator. Unfortunately, the money you spent on your original communicator is wasted at that point. If you had purchased the iGSMV4G, you’d be able to simply convert your communicator to use the cellular network, or a dual path network instead. Keep in mind that the iGSMV4G is more expensive than internet only or cellular only communicators, it does provide the greatest level of flexibility and the most features.