Honeywell L5100: Setting up Sub-User Codes

Setting up sub-user codes on the Honeywell L5100 wireless security system is simple. Watch Sterling explain how to do it easily and quickly.

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This video is about Setting up Sub-User Codes on a Honeywell L5100


Hi DIY-ers. Sterling from Alarm Grid here, and we're going to show you how to set up your sub-user codes for your LYNX Touch L5100 system. So, we've described in other videos how there are two main codes for the system, a master user code and then a programmer code. In addition to those codes you can set up sub-user codes so that you can assign access to friends, family, or neighbors that you would want to allow to get in and arm and disarm your system.

To set up your sub-users you need to go into the master programming section. We've detailed a video on the difference between the master and the installer programming settings, but, basically, to get into the master section you hit More, then Tools. You have to enter your master code. We have ours set to default 1-2-3-4. This is our master programming screen. Then you're going to go into users. By default we already have set up some sub-users. You would not see this. All you would see is master with the four asterisks for security purposes, your babysitter code, your duress code, and all this would be blank.

So, you can set up multiple user codes for the LYNX Touch, and the process to do it is you click Add New. It gives you a default user 6. The number 6 will assign to the user code slot that we've set up. So, your installer code is user code slot 01, your master code is 02, and then each sub-user is 03, 04, 05 and so on. We had three user codes set up originally, so that's why they're prompting us to go to the next available slot which is 06.

First of all, you can name it. Clear out the default user 6. Let's say we want to set this for our mom. Simply type Mom if you can spell correctly. You hit Done. Mom is set up. Then you toggle into the user code, and here's where you can assign her her code. Let's just choose 5698. Click Done, and make sure at this point to click Save. You can now see Mom is set up as a code, and if we back out to the home screen Mom will be able to disarm, or rather arm, with her new code that we have just established for her. Same thing to disarm.

And that is how you assign a sub-user code. If you have key fobs you can assign each key fob to a separate code. So, now if you give mom a key fob you can have that key fob assigned to her code, and it will show you which user armed or disarmed. Was it you using the master, or was it your mom using her key fob. So that's another handy thing to do with your sub-user codes.

If you have any questions on setting up users please leave us a comment in the section below, and make sure to subscribe to our channel.