Honeywell L5200 & L7000: New Chime Sounds

Honeywell has introduced new chime sounds for its security systems! Sterling takes you through all the new sounds.

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Security systems have had the same chime for what seems like forever. Honeywell's new security systems, however, had completely changed the chime sounds that they have made available. The numerous options for chimes are not only fun, but for power-users the ability to choose different chimes is likely to have numerous uses. As you'll see in the video, the newest doorbell chimes, for example, will allow you to integrate your doorbell with your system, which is an obvious use that wireless systems were not well suited for, until now!


Well, actually, one other option change, minor, but we'd like to show you here, this is on both. If you go into Zones, the chime feature is a very important feature. A lot of people like it. Chime is when you fault a door or a window. So if you open a door or a window when the system is disarmed, the panel will beep. Okay? It normally does a regular chime, which is the same chime that Honeywell's had, even on their old wired systems. What they've added to this one, and first, I'll show you. That's the standard chime. And actually, I'm going to turn this up so you can hear it a little better. Go back in there. So this will be the original chime. Now, they've added some new chimes. We have Melody. They have another, Melody Long, which just repeats that same chime. They have a Send. The same thing doubled up. Alert Two. Doorbell One. Doorbell Two. Evolve. Or No Chime.

So they've given you some options for how the panel will sound. Apparently, some people didn't like the chime they had before. Now, they're going to give you some options for chime. Both of these have the chime options. None of the previous LYNX Touches had that option. So a minor difference, but kind of nice for people that like to have the system alerting them if kids are going to be opening the door to go to the back pool. Now, you know what's going on. If someone opens your door and you're upstairs, now you know a little bit better what's going on.