Honeywell L5200: Setting the House ID Code

Honeywell L5200: Setting the House ID Code

You can use this FAQ - to get yourself into programming. Also we offer all the Honeywell wireless devices that work with this panel. Use the Security Products drop down at the top of any page on to navigate to the section of sensors you need.
Hi, we just bought a house and it has the Lynx 5200 system... we don't know any of the codes and the default user code 4112 nor the master code of 1234 works, its there a way to "back door" our way into programming? I also need to know where to buy more door/window contacts and motion detectors.. thanks!!

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So now that the L5100 is set to house ID7. We're going to show you now in the L5200. Okay, we want to match the same code. We go our home screen, security, tools, 4112, program, system type, this house ID was set to zero, we clear out the zero, we set it to seven, we click done, make sure to save it. If we did not click save, we backed out, this would go back to zero as it was set before. Save, back to the home screen. Now we're 5200, L5200 is ready to go on house ID7.