Honeywell Lyric Security System: ISC West Introduction

The Honeywell Lyric security system is going to be Honeywell's new, flagship product released sometime later this year. See what it can do at it's ISC West displa.

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Preceded by the Honeywell Lyric Thermostat, the Honeywell Lyric Security system is going to be Honeywell's attempt at really attacking modern design, and user interface problems that have plagued the security systems of old. While the LYNX Touch was a huge leap forward in UI, the Lyric security system takes it to a whole new level with big, intuitive buttons, and a wonderfully sleak, simple experience for users who have never used a system before. This video gives a great, quick overview of how the system works. Enjoy!


Watch this.
Oh very cool. Where is it pulling these from?
It's on board.
It's actually on there?
It has two gigabyte of memory.
It has two gigabytes? And I imagine that's also for like pictures and anything else you want to cycle. Can you cycle videos on this.. .err?
You can add videos to it?
I can cycle through the videos. I think it's 8 videos. "See who disarms." This is the one with the snapshot.
"See who disarms Lyric smart controller."
That's really neat. So it just shows like the features? I love this. It's great. It just shows some features of the system?
Yeah. Just shows some of the features.
And then, so I don't have all the demos right here. But I have up to 8 of them. I think these are the first 4. So they'll be a more video libraries that come into play as well. And then there'll be another area here for your security dealer logo.
So you might have Alarm Grid, and Alarm Grid will come up here.
And where will that go if they click on it?
Uhh, yeah, so they just uhh, you go into here. Go into tools. Then go into slideshow. So now I can go into slideshow, and I can put, I can put this picture up there, so hit that.
So hold on, go back. So I can enable it/disable it. So, I want to enable it. I want to have that video, that video, and that one, and that one.
Grumpy Cat, I like that. [laughs]. Good internet memes there.
After thirty seconds it will time out, this will go away and it will act like a family photo album.
So in thirty seconds it will do it? All right. I love this.
It's a nice system, we really like it.
It's got a lot of unique capability.
So... uhh...
You can actually push notices to the customer... so you could actually push notifications.
Does it show up here if you push notices? Or do you have to go into notices to do it?
You have to go into notices. You'll see like a 1 or 2... there it goes.
Ok, so here it goes.
So again, full capacitive touchscreen, 1024x600, so again...
So I noticed, it is delayed a little bit when you touch it.
Very slightly.
Is there a reason they're doing the capacitive as opposed to...
Because this is the early edition... it's the version.
So the other one's not... so when it comes out it's going to be... the test screen will be replaced.
Grumpy cat there we go.