Honeywell Lyric Round WIFI Thermostat

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Honeywell lyric thermostat smart programmable wifi thermostat th

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The Lyric thermostat is one of the most innovative Honeywell products on the market. If you are looking to find a WIFI thermostat that is compatible with your Lyric security system the Lyric thermostat is the unit for you. SImple to install, simple to use, the Lyric is both beautiful and functional. Get yours today!
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The Lyric Round thermostat is one of Honeywell's most innovative products. Honeywell's involvement in HVAC dates back over 125 years. Obviously there have been many mechanical and technological improvements over the last century. The Lyric Round bundles all of todays features into a beautiful, compact device that is designed for comfort and convenience. While it does not integrate with the LYNX Plus or LYNX Touch series security systems, it does work with the popular Lyric Controller!

One of the most innovative features of the Lyric is it's Geofencing capabilities. Using a smart phone app (android and iOS based), the beautiful WIFI thermostat can quickly determine whether it ought to turn on the heating or cooling. Additionally, the thermostat has added functionality that previous thermostats have not included, such as the ability to tell an user what the weather is as well as the ability to set the thermostat into away mode.

There are currently two generations of the Lyric Round WIFI thermostat. The first generation of this thermostat ( TH8732WF5018 ) was a similar design and offered geofencing technology. This iteration only supported two geofence settings: quarter mile or 7 mile. Lyric Round owners and installers have praised the improvements to this thermostat on the 2nd generation to allow for customizable distances.

The second generation Lyric Round ( RCH9310WF ) may look very similar if not exactly the same. However there are loads of improvements including the touted 3rd party integrations with technologies like Apple HomeKit, Samsung Smartthings and Amazon Alexa. Before the GeoFencing within the Lyric app granted some very cool functions. The sky is the limit for the Lyric thermostat platform. Especially now with these types of third party developers involved.

Please note that we will ship the latest generation available at time of purchase.


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At this time, only the round Lyric thermostat integrates with the Lyric security system and the integration is done through a Total Connect 2.0 account that has the Automation feature enabled. Once you install the Lyric thermostat and tie it in with the free Lyric app, you can then integrate that thermostat into your TC2 account using the button with three horizontal lines on your Automation module of your TC2 account by putting in your Lyric app login details. Once it's integrated into TC2 properly, you'll have control of the thermostat on TC2 and on the Lyric panel itself.
How does the lyric thermostat integrate with the lyric security system? There aren't any instructions or videos floating around on the Internet that I could find.
Yes currently, only the Lyric thermostat offers geofencing but Honeywell will be releasing geofencing services for Total Connect 2.0 soon.
Thanks Sterling. I might give the ZWSTAT a try. I noticed with the Lyric thermostat that it mentions geofencing capability tied to the Total Connect app. I don't see any geofencing options in my TC app. Is that because I am using Tuxedo and there isn't support for it? It would be nice to trigger events based on location.
Yes, the Tuxedo Touch only works with Z-Wave thermostats. Honeywell recommends using the Honeywell ZWSTAT ( ), Wayne Dalton WDTC-20, RCS TZ45, Trane TZMT400AB32MAA/TZMT400BB32MAA/RTZW-C2, Current Innovations CI-300E, Radio Thermosta CT100/CT32/CT30 or Intermatic CA8900 but other Z-Wave thermostats may work as well.
Ok, thanks Julia. So is ZWave a requirement because I have the Tuxedo? What thermostat should I look at if I want to control via Total Connect?
No, this is not a Z-Wave thermostat, it's WIFI only.
Does this thermostat work with a Tuxedo Touch and Total Connect 2.0?
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