Honeywell VISTA: Program *29, Long Range Radio

We will show you how to enable and disable the long range radio on your Honeywell Vista 6160 control panel in this video.

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The long range radio is a built in device that enables communication over IP or GSM from your control panel to the central monitoring station. This communication will be set up either prior to your installation call or during the initial installation call to the central station.

If you are not being monitored, you can disable the long range radio. However, if your system is being monitored, disabling the long range radio is not an option. In this video we will show you how to enable and disable the long range radio on the Honeywell Vista 6160 control panel.

Access the keypad as shown in the video. Enter the installer code followed by the numbers 800 to access programming mode. You can verify you are in programming mode by reading “Installer code 20” on the LCD screen.

From this screen you need to enter the star(*) code for the long range radio. This code is “29”. Follow along with the video as you enter star (*)29 on the key pad. You will be able to verify that you are in the Long Range Radio section from the LCD screen. It should read “Enable IP/GSM”.

You will have two options enable or disable. Pressing the “0” on the key pad will disable the long range radio, while pressing “1” will enable it. On the Honeywell Vista 6160 control panel, press 1 on the key pad. The video will guide you through the enabling process.

Once you press the 1 followed by the star (*) key, you will access a secondary menu that will present you with three more options. In general, unless asked by a technician, you will press 0 to quit followed by the star (*) key.

The 21IP has now been enabled and the network will be able to send out calls to the monitoring home station. It is important to note that this program is disabled by default. This means that when you install the control panel you must access this program and enable it as shown in the video.

However, if you have your system set up and are not subscribed to live monitoring, you may disable the long range radio. The video will show you how to do this as well.

As the video shows, to disable the long range radio, you access the star(*)29 menu as described above and previously in the video. However, this time instead of pressing 1 to enable, you will press 0 followed by the star (*) key to disable the long rang radio.

Disabling the radio will send you back to the main programming menu screen as there are no further options. Pressing star (*) 99 on the key pad will exit back to the read to arm state.

You can view our other videos to learn more about the Honeywell 6160 control panel as well as its devices and functions.


Hi, DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid again, here in the Alarm Grid video lab. We're working again with the 6160RF and the VISTA-21iP system.

Today we're going to show you how to enable and disable the long range radio on your Vista panel. This will also-- this will also work with your VISTA-15P 20P. So what we'd like to do here is show you both how to enable an internet-- the internet module that's built into the panel, and disable it.

So let's say you have monitoring, or you plan on setting up monitoring, and you've already made your connection to the internet. You can go ahead and enable this just before your activation or during your activation call. If you do not plan on getting monitoring and you'd like to disable your long range radio, you can go ahead and do that as well.

So what we're going to do is get into programming first. So were using the 6160RF keypad. We'll use the default installer code, which is 4112. followed by 800, that'll get us right into programming here. It'll show installer code 20. What we're going to do now is enter *29. That'll get us into where it says, Enable IP GSM. So this is your long range radio setting. By default, this is disabled, OK? So out of the box this key pad will show zero for it being disabled. If you wanted to enable it so that your system dials out and uses the internet module or the backup VISTA GSM 4G cellular unit, then you would enter a 1 here, and then star, and that would lock in the fact that you're using IP or GSM module.

And then it's going to give you three selections. So generally speaking you would just hit zero to quit out. OK. And we'll do that here for today. And that would simply-- and then star followed by that to get back to the main menu of the programming.

What we just did is we enabled the internet and GSM communication modules, the internal devices on the 21iP. If you would like to disable it we would go in and hit *29. And instead of a 1, we'll hit a 0*. And then we'll enter-- once you 0* to disable it, it actually bounces you right out of that submenu, the *29 submenu, and puts you back into the main programming mode where you can then exit programming. So that would be just *99 to exit programming. OK.

Now if you wanted to change-- go into deeper level *29 fields, we usually don't recommend doing that unless you're a skilled installer. We also offer free tech support. You can email us at if you have any further questions about enabling or disabling your long range radio. Whether it be an internet connection to your 21iP or even an external communicator on something like a 15 or 20P, this would be the same programming where you would go into *29, hit 1*, and then 0* to enable that setting. 0*, and then 0* to disable the settings.

So if you have any further questions on that you can email us at And please don't forget to subscribe to our channel.