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Honeywell vista 10p alarm control panel

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The Honeywell VISTA-10P is an alarm control panel with (6) standard hardwired zones of protection. The VISTA-10P is a low-end economical ...

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The Honeywell VISTA-10P is an alarm control panel with (6) standard hardwired zones of protection. The VISTA-10P is a low-end economical alarm control panel but it still has nearly all of the great features found in any Honeywell VISTA Series security system. The alarm control panel comes with a beige metal alarm cabinet to protect the green circuit board from tampering but needs to be connected to at least one Honeywell alarm keypad for security system control.

The VISTA-10P will protect up to (6) hardwired zones but does not support hardwired zone expansion modules. You also cannot use the Honeywell zone doubling feature with this alarm control panel. If you need more than (6) zones of protection, you should look at the Honeywell VISTA-20P instead, which comes with (8) standard hardwired zones and supports zone doubling. Of course, you could also always add a Honeywell wireless receiver to unlock up to (16) wireless zones of protection. With a wireless receiver added, you can also program up to (8) additional Honeywell security key fob buttons which would not take up any of the wireless zones. A Honeywell security key fob would allow you to remotely arm or disarm your VISTA-10P alarm control panel from anywhere within your home as long as you are within range of the wireless receiver. You can also program a security key fob button to send a panic alarm back to your VISTA-10P should you be home while an emergency occurs.

We recommend adding at least (1) alphanumeric alarm keypad such as the Honeywell 6160 so that you have full access to the programming menus of the VISTA-10P. If you only add fixed English alarm keypads, like the Honeywell 6150, you will not be able to navigate the *56 zone programming menus needed to program additional zones. You can add up to (8) total alarm keypads and they must each be addressed to one of the console device addresses between address 16 and 23. Address 16 is set as a console keypad address by default and cannot be changed, so you should address your first alarm keypad to address 16 when setting up your Honeywell VISTA-10P. The VISTA-10P alarm control panel does not support AUI device addresses and therefore you cannot add graphic touchscreen keypads like the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch or Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI to this device.

While the VISTA-10P has nearly all of the features found in Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panels, there are some limitations. The VISTA-10P supports up to (16) different user codes while the VISTA-20P supports up to (48) user codes. Also, the VISTA-10P does not support two-wire smoke detectors. You will only be able to connect four-wire smoke detectors if you intend to use fire protection with your VISTA-10P. The event log of the VISTA-10P which you can use to review past alarm signals and trouble message only stores up to (32) events whereas the VISTA-20P event log stores up to (100) events. X-10 devices are not supported with the VISTA-10P while you can use up to (16) X-10 devices with the VISTA-20P. However, Alarm Grid does not suggest using X-10 as it is old technology prone to failures. The VISTA-10P only has (1) partition not (2) like with the VISTA-20P. Finally, the VISTA-10P only supports up to (4) relay modules to activate other equipment or devices while the VISTA-20P supports up to (8) relays.

If you want your Honeywell VISTA-10P alarm control panel to be monitored by Alarm Grid’s central station you have many options. You can connect your home telephone service to the alarm control panel without needing to upgrade the VISTA-10P with any additional devices. However, as more and more people are getting rid of their home telephone service, you can also add an AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator. If you want to take advantage of the speed and low cost of internet alarm communications, you can add the 7847i internet alarm monitoring communicator, although you may want to look at the VISTA-21iP internet alarm control panel instead as it is a combination of a VISTA-20P alarm control panel and a 7847i internet alarm communicator built into a single device. If you desire the added security and reliability of cellular alarm communications, you can add the GSMX cellular alarm monitoring communicator or the GSMV cellular alarm communicator. Finally, if you want the benefits of both forms of communications, you can add the iGSMV dual path alarm monitoring communicator.


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Does what I needed it to do.
Submitted on 10/07/2012

I had an old Acron alarm system with just 2 zones that no longer worked. Since I only have 2 zones and didn't need any advanced features, I chose the VISTA-10P to replace my Acron. Took me about one hour to change over all the wiring from the Acron to the VISTA and then I replaced the Acron keypad with a 6160 keypad and now I have a working system.

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