How Do I Enable the Receiver in a 6160RF?

In this video Joe shows us how to enable the 5800 RF Receiver in a 6160RF

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Honeywell 6160RF - Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad with Integrated Transceiver
Honeywell 6160RF
Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad with Integrated Transceiver
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hide allies joy from a long road and today we're going to talk about how to enable the receiver or transceiver inside of a 6160 RF keypad now we have a 6160 RF mounted right here it's a push button keypad it has a full alphanumeric display and it actually has a built in transceiver right inside the unit what this will allow you to do is interface as many wireless devices with your Vista system as the system can handle we have a 21 IP mounted down here and all Vista systems they don't have any receivers or transceivers built into the board itself so if you're installing a new one and you take it out of the box you're gonna notice that the board has no way of interfacing with any wireless devices as is you have to install a receiver or a transceiver now the 6160 RF is the recommended device to install as in most instances it can be less expensive than the compatible transceiver which is the same thing except without the keypad features and it basically kills two birds with one stone because it gives you that alphanumeric keypad that you can use for programming on the system or just general system operation and it also has the receiver built inside of it so you don't have to install two devices you can install one and be done with it it connects right to the ECP bus which are these four terminals right down here like any other keypad and it works great as you can see we do have a low system battery I am aware of that and that's because we have to actually reboot the system to get in to the programming on the keypad this keypad has a setup menu that you access only by restarting the system 100% turning it back on and then pressing and holding one-in-three to get into programming one thing to watch out about the 6160 RF keypad though is when you're in programming it's gonna quickly jump out of programming if you don't press a button so if you did get into programming on it and you are starting to adjust some stuff and you have to sit and think about something and it jumps out of programming you'll just need to redo the process to get back into programming and redo your changes if it does jump out it's not going to save the menu that you had selected and you made have to readjust stuff so it's not the biggest deal in the world but if you do see this happening just be aware that's because you're waiting too long on one particular screen its timing out and it's going back to the main menu so now let's get into programming on the keypad to do this we have to fully turn the system off turn it back on and then press 1 and 3 on the keypad right after it turns on and for this I'm going to leave our backup battery unplug we're going to take the hot leg off we don't need the battery plugged in to access the keypad and if you do have a battery and you are doing this process and the panel is far away from the keypad don't feel like you have to plug in the battery every time if we're running over to the keypad you can just leave it unplugged just in case you have to restart the system again to do this process a second time so I'm going to go over to my power strip over here and as you can see the keypads down here are completely off which means we are powered down we have our tux and our van running off of a backup power supply which is mounted over here so those still have power I'm going to power our system back up as you can see we're coming online the keypad showing busy standby and the version number of it and I'm going to press and hold one and three there we go the first menu we're going to get is con address this is the actual address of the keypad the 20 the 15 P and the 21ip can have up to 8 addresses and they go from address 16 to address 23 and as you can see we just backed out a programming so the that's one of the issues that you're gonna want to watch out with this is that if you take too long it's going to go back to the main menu and you'll have to restart the process now the 1 & 3 is going to work for about 50 seconds after you power the system up so I should be able to get back in by pressing and holding there we go so to continue through because this is correct if it's on 16 and it's the only keypad on the system and it's working you can just hit start the next thing here's your receiver our receiver is on to toggle it on and off we do 0 or 1 so if I want to turn off I'd hit 0 we want to turn on to hit one star to continue the receiver address on a 1520 on a 21ip it's going to be zero zero for high level panels it can change depending on how the programming is and as you can see we just backed out to the main menu because I took too long and I did a head a button so I'm going to restart the system again come back up press and hold one and three so cloning dress that's good sixteen star receiver our receivers on so we're going to hit start and continue our receiver address fifteen twenty twenty one IP at zero zero so that's correct we're at a star high security most of the time you're going to leave this off I would check with your security provider or check out the manual if you do want to use this feature as it's a little more advanced if you do find that key fobs or some devices are not working properly on your system it may because that feature is currently on so you're just going to want to make sure that one's off and as you can see it backed out again so I'm just going to jump back in so star receiver on star zero zero high-security off that's what we want and then disable high-security devices we don't need to do this this again has to go back to the previous menu and again it's really worth it to check with your security provider on how to set this up if it is something that you're even going to use so I want to just try to get through the menu once without it backing out star receivers on star receiver just zero zero star high security mode off in most instances star and then disable high security devices know is finding two star right through after you get past that point it's going to save your programming changes and the keypad should work fine assuming you've entered the right information and that's how to enable the receiver on a sixty one sixty RF keypad did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be notified when we post future videos hit the notification button will send you a note that when we do so if you have any questions about a Vista System 6160 are keypad programming or anything alarm related feel free to give us a call eight at eight eight one eight seven seven two eight you can also send an email to support alarm grid comm or head over to the website WWll recom we hope you enjoyed the video and have a great day