How Many Protection Zones Are on a Lyric

How Many Protection Zones Are on a Lyric

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This video is about How Many Protection Zones Are on a Lyric.


hey DIYs I'm George alarmgrid today we're going to be going over the amount of burglary zones that are available on the lyric so just a quick answer that is gonna be 128 bergs zones so these bergs zones can hold motion detectors door window contacts smoke detectors CO detectors glass breaks flood sensors anything that is a security sensor that you're gonna add to your home is gonna be able to go into one of those 128 zones that are available on the lyric now I'm gonna show you exactly how to get to those screens as you can actually scroll through them and it'll actually let you know pretty much what each zone is available for so to get into that first thing we want to do is you see I have a slideshow on my lyric right now I'm just gonna tap on the screen usually it'll start you off in the primary screen which is here security automation video we're gonna go ahead and hit security after that go ahead and make your way over tools entering the installer code mine is for one one two now your installer code could be different but my panel is defaulted so my default installer code for Honeywell systems is for one one two yours may be different depending if you or your monitoring company has changed it once you're there you're now in the Installer menu I'm gonna go ahead and hit program I make my way over to zones and now here you automatically start seeing all of the zones available now you'll see the one and two they say new those are actually your hardwired zones dalire does have two available slots for hardwired zones that you can actually wire in and normally closed normally open or end the line supervision wired sensor into it that's different ways you can set it up and then our wireless zones will start at zone three now the lyric automatically gives you a template three four five and six front door back door window motion now this doesn't mean you have sensors you learned into them this is just telling you how people would normally put in their zones so if you were setting up zones and you didn't want three to be your front door you can just highlight it at change whatever you want as you see there's no serial number in there it's just giving you a little template on what it would look like right so I'm just gonna hit the back arrow key I'm gonna go scroll through the sent through the burglary results now right so we have one and two are wired the rest of these are gonna be wireless so if you hit the down arrow key brings you to the next screen each screen has eight available zones I'm gonna keep scrolling down all the way till I get to 128 you can have a lot so now you'll see at 127 and 128 this is where you start seeing not new but now it says main new this is in case you guys are setting up any garage door controllers with a tilt sensor and a 58 77 relay the garage door sensors you don't want to learn them into one of these zones so that you can actually control it through Total Connect if you guys ever do plan on doing that it's actually four zones so it goes 127 128 129 and 130 those are my garage door zones if you guys are doing garage door control you want to learn him into then you also have key fob slots starting at 131 going all the way down to 160 to see so the first one say key fob each key fob button takes up one zone so in armed ways one zone and armed stays in other zone a disarm is one zone and then if you have the fourth button on your key fob set to a panic that's another zone so that's why you have four zones allotted to one key fob and you actually have from 131 all the way down to 162 now if you guys use all of these key fob zones up and you need to add other ones you have 128 bird zones that are available if you need to add more you can use any of those 128 zones available to program in another key fob it's completely up to you so you can have a lot of key files on the system as you can see now 280 down to 291 those are temperature zones so this isn't necessarily like let's say you have a temperature sensor you learn it into these zones that's not what that's for this is actually a Total Connect zone so if you guys have a z-wave thermostat or a thermistor that's tied into total connector Total Connect comfort and you guys create a threshold which means that let's say you have a notification that when your house hits below 60 degrees you want it to notify you yeah what that does Total Connect it actually creates a temp sone in the panel and here's one little important thing about the time zone if you guys do create a threshold on Total Connect make sure that you guys either disable the reporting for that zone or you let your central station know because what happens is if you get that notification on Total Connect it reports as a medical panic to the central station and you could possibly be dispatched on medical and ambulance can go out to the house and you certainly don't want that so make sure that you guys pay close attention if you guys are using the threshold creation on Total Connect so that dollar to time zones and then you have keypad zones so these are your wireless keypad switch are the six keypads those are the only ones that can be programmed into here you have them from 850 downs to 857 yes so that's about I think that's eight key fob zones if you count the actual 50 you can have eight keypads and then if you scroll down brings us to our medical our panics on the system we have fire medical personal and a silent police or audible you can change it you see here local alarm police medical fire now I believe by default the medical is not enabled so if you guys wanted to use it you would switch the response type to a 24-hour auxiliary and hit save right now I'm gonna leave it as response type not used so you guys can actually see what I'm talking about so I'm gonna back out to the home screen and I'm gonna show you guys the panic real fast I hold down for three seconds you only see fire police and my personal one which is would be a local alarm it just sounds now you didn't see a medical because like I said the response type was not enabled so I'm gonna go back into programming security tools for one one to program zones hit the down arrow key all the way down to your zone 904 the panics one-one screen so 995 996 is medical boom boom boom we have all of those the only one that didn't come up was a medical and that's because we did not have a response type which I will set now to 24 hours LLL er II hit save back arrow key and now if I hold down for 3 seconds what you see the medical yeah so again that's just a quick overview on the sewn sensors you have 128 of them you have about five different panic options you have about eight keypad slots you have a lot of key fob zones and a couple of temperature zones available and two hard-wired zones on the lyric do you guys want to find out more about the zones you can always email us at support at alarm grid comm if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications that way when we upload new videos you guys do get notified I'm George with alarmgrid thank you guys I'll see you next time