Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE: Installation Video

Watch Sterling show you how easy it is to install a Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE into your Honeywell L5100.

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Sterling installs an L5100-ZWAVE into our Honeywell LYNX L5100 control panel.


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Hi DIYers, Sterling from Alarm Grid here, and today we're going to show you how to add an L5100-ZWAVE module to your L5100 control panel. The ZWAVE module turns your security system into a home automation controller compatible with nearly any z-wave module. Installation is very simple. You're going to need a flat head screw driver to open the panel and you're going to need your L5100-ZWAVE Module. To open the system, you simply insert the screwdriver into the tab in the top

(loud beeping)

and pop it open. ( It's beeping at us because there is a cover tamper to protect from someone messing with your system. To silence that, simply press the unlock key and enter your master code. We have our master key set to default 1-2-3-4.

Disarmed ready to arm. Check system. Chime.

Swing the panel down. Before making any kind of connection to the board... we're going to use this edge connector... but before making any connection, we're going to power the system down. So remove this battery connection and remove a/c power, our LT-Cable here.

With that removed, you get your l5100-ZWAVE, there is a black port that matches to the edge connector, you install it on the left side. WE actually, in ours, have the l5100-wifi module on the right side, which has a matching edge connector. So make sure that your z-wave goes on the left side. If you do have an ilP5, or a GSMVLP5-4G, that would live right here and would cover your edge connector, so you would have to remove that first. Simply slide the port onto the edge connector, your ZWAVE module is installed. Go ahead and power it back up, plug the battery in first, then plug your LT-CABLE into the DC port here. Close the panel back up, and you're L5100 ZWAVE installation is complete. If you have any problems or questions on how to install your L5100 ZWAVE, please give us a call or email us at