Defaulting a Resideo Lyric Controller

Defaulting a Resideo Lyric Controller

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In this video, Jarrett shows users how to default a Resideo Lyric Controller. Performing a factory default will cause several things to happen. This will reset the Installer Code back to 4112. It will clear all zones. The panel time will be reset. All general panel settings will be reset to default.

There are many reasons why you might want to perform a factory default. If you are planning to sell the system or give it to someone else, you might perform a default so that the new user can start with fresh settings. On any firmware version MR7 or older, a factory default was required if the system was activated through AlarmNet and then cancelled, as it was the only way to re-activate for monitoring service. This was true even if the same monitoring company was trying to re-activate the system. This is no longer required as of firmware version MR8.

If you perform a factory a factory default, then you will need to reprogram the entire system. All sensors will need to be re-enrolled, and all system settings will need to be reconfigured. For that reason, performing a factory default is usually seen as a last resort. It is something you only do if you absolutely have to. Remember, reprogramming an entire system from scratch can take quite some time if you have a large number of zones. As a result, it is something you will generally want to avoid.

One important note is that defaulting a system will cause any bi-directional SiX Series Sensors to be released. These sensors must be powered on and within wireless range of the system at the time of the default. This is the only way for them to know that they have been released. The one exception is the Honeywell SiXFOB. You must make one single input on the SiXFOB at some point after the default has occurred. This must be done within range of the system. The Lyric will then tell the SiXFOB that it is no longer enrolled.


Hey DIYers. Jarrett with Alarm Grid here. Today you're going to be discussing how you in factory default your Resideo Lyric controller. Now when you factory default your Resideo Lyric controller, you're going to load the default configuration on your system. In order to access the default configuration, you will need the installer code to be able to get into that. Now when you do load the default configuration, it's going to clear all of your zones you've had set up. It's going to clear all of your panel time settings. It's going to default the installer code back to its original, which is 4112. And it's also going to completely defaults all of your system settings. Now one of the reasons as to why you had to factory default the system is if your panel was on firmware version MR 7 or earlier. So what I mean by that is when you set up the system with an Alarm Net 360 account to be set up for monitoring, and you were to cancel an account. If you wanted to reset the system with monitoring services, then you do have to perform the factory default in order to set it up with monitoring again. Now it doesn't matter whether you're setting it up with the existing company that you had canceled with earlier, or even with a new company. Either way, if you're on that earlier firmer version, then you will have your factory default the system to reset it out. So when you're setting up your Lyric system with new monitoring service, you will have to completely reprogram the system. So all of your 6 years devices will need to be readded to the system as well. Fortunately, because of the new rollout of the firmware version MR8, there's actually no need to factory defaults on the system anymore to set up with monitoring. If you did need to factory default it, the only real reason why you'd have to do it now, if you are in the current firmware version, is if your system is exhibiting any abnormal behavior or maybe something is going on with it and a factory default might be able to help out with that. Now if you wanted to check the former version of your system, there is a link below that you can follow. And you just want to check out step three, and it will be able to show you how to find your firmware version. So when you factory default your Lyric system, as I specified earlier, all of your system centers are going to be reset. Now if you wanted to check out the list of the default values or the systems factory default values, then just check page 30 of the Lyric installation guide and you should be able to see all of that there. Now when you do factory default your system, there is unfortunately no way of being able to undo that default. But there is a work around to it. If you had an upload of your previous programming with an Alarm Net 360, then you could have that programming pushed back to the system, and your system settings will be back in the way they were. The only way to do this though is if you had alarm monitoring services and your current monitoring company or your previous monitoring company has an upload of your old programming. So you definitely just want to keep that in mind before you factory default your system. Just make sure or check with your company and see if they can upload the programming before you do anything like that. So when you factory default a Honeywell Lyric system, any SiX Series device that you have programmed will be released. Now in order for these sensors to receive the signal letting them know that they've been released, they have to be powered up and within range of the Lyric when you perform that default. Now this is the case for any SiX Series devices, except for the Honeywell SiX fob key fob. The Honeywell SiX fob, in order to be able to release it, you have to just press a single button when you're in range of the Lyric so that the Lyric can then tell it that it's no longer enrolled and it can be set up with a brand new Lyric, or even the existing Lyric that you just defaulted. Now if there are any SiX Series devices that were not in range or powered up when you performed the default, they will need to be factory or manually factory defaulted so that they're no longer enrolled into the system anymore. Now in order to be able to default these SiX series devices, you do have a limited amount of time, normally about 24 hours after you have enrolled into the system to be able to default those sensors. Now if you wanted to check out more information about the time to be able to factory default them, just follow the link in the description below to be able to check that out. Now when you factor in default your Honeywell Lyric system, it will disassociate it from the Alarm Net 360 account. You can re-associate it by manually running a new panel association on the system itself. Once that system has been reinstated with the Alarm Net 360 account, then you can have the prior programming read downloaded back onto the system automatically. Now if you wanted to run a new panel association the system, you'd see all these simple steps real quick. So on the main screen, you'll just press Security, and then next you're going to go into Tools, and you're going to type in the installer code. The default installer code is 4112. You're going to go into a new panel association. So once you type in the installer code, you actually should see the new panel association right here. What you'll do is just press on that, and then it's going to initiate the process of trying to connect back into the Alarm Net 360 account. So once you have done that, you'll just hit the back arrow to go back to the main screen. Now when you've re-associated the Honeywell Lyric to the Alarm Net 360 account, just go through the SiX areas programming to reprogram all of your SiX series devices back into your Lyric system. Now if you wanted to be able to factory defaults your Resideo Lyric controller, you just follow these simple steps. So at the main screen, you'll just press Security. You're going to go into Tools, and then you're going to type in the installer code. The default installer code is 4112. So you're going to go into program, you're going to hit the down arrow, and then you're going to see default config. So once you tap on that, you're going to get this window asking whether yes or no if you want to factory default system. Now I'm not going to press yes in this video because we do have the system set up with an account and everything already, but you normally just press yes and it's going to take you back to this window. Once you have confirmed that all of your settings have been factory default and everything is correct, you just hit the back arrow to go all the way back to the main screen. And that is how you factory default your Resideo Lyric controller. If you have any questions about the Resideo Lyric controller or alarm systems in general, please contact us that, or go to our website If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe. If you want notifications on future videos, please click the bell icon. This is Jarrett with Alarm Grid. You have yourself a great day.