Honeywell Lyric-3G

AT&T Cellular Communicator for the Lyric Security System

Lyric 3g at and t communicator for the lyric security system

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This is the AT&T (3G) version of the communicator for the Lyric. For those that want the added benefits of cellular protection, get the 3G unit if AT&T has better signal than Verizon in the location your Lyric Controller is installed or going to be installed. For those that would prefer Verizon, the Lyric-CDMA is what you need.

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The Honeywell Lyric-3G is a cellular communicator designed to work the AT&T cellular network. Since AT&T uses a SIM card platform, the 3G module comes equipped with a pre-activated SIM card. The activation only lasts a few months but the SIM can be re-activated by any Alarmnet dealer previous to the activation of monitoring services; whether it be self monitoring using Total Connect 2.0 or central station dispatching. Similar to the Honeywell 3GL, the Lyric-3G will transmit and receive alarm signals using the 3G AT&T network. Your alarm company will be able to offer you signal strength readings upon registration of the device on Alarmnet server.

The Lyric controller is the first alarm system with a feature that allows for the installation of the cellular module while the panel is still powered. Follow the step by step instructions in the install guide. Essentially, the panel shuts down power momentarily to the cellular module's slot on the right side of the keypad. You can put the system into the installation mode by entering installer programming followed by "Test" OR master user programming then "Advanced." Then press, "Install Cellular Module" and press down on the top of the right side of controller's bezel. This will open up the compartment and allow you to install any compatible cellular communicator.

Cellular communications are the most popular form of alarm monitoring paths for the fact that they are the most reliable. Although internet speeds may be faster than cellular connections, they are far less reliable for several reasons. Your internet connection generally relies on a physical cable feed to a modem. Also, the modem and router require AC power. If your internet cable feed is protected and you have the modem/router setup on an uninterupted power supply (UPS), there are still local area network issues (i.e. IP conflicts, DHCP server failures and WIFI interference) as well as wide area network issues (i.e. line maintenance, service outages and extreme weather). If you prefer the speed of the internet for remote access to your system using Total Connect, you can setup dual path monitoring using the integrated WIFI card on the Lyric controller and then add the Lyric-3G as a redundancy.

Brand: Honeywell

Replaced by LYRICLTE-A
Submitted on 11/04/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell Lyric-3G is an AT&T 3G Communicator for the Honeywell Lyric Security System. This communicator provides cellular backup for the system to accompany its built-in WIFI. The system will then be able to connect with the AlarmNet360 Servers through both WIFI and cellular. But there are some major downsides to this communicator as well. The device connects with the AT&T 3G Network, and 3G activations for AlarmNet are no longer permitted. But if you have this communicator already activated, then it will continue to work until the AT&T 3G Network is shut down. Still, it was a great product at its time of release, so we give it 5 Stars.

You can say a lot of good things about nearly any cellular communicator. The Lyric-3G provides very reliable connectivity, and it helps ensure that the Lyric System always maintains connectivity with the AlarmNet360 Servers. The device is very easy to install, as it can be conveniently inserted into a port on the side of the Lyric System. The WIFI for the system can still be used once the Lyric-3G is added, which will make the system dual-path ready.

But the downsides to the Lyric-3G must also be discussed. The communicator connects with a 3G network, and new activations for the module are no longer permitted. AT&T plans to shut down their 3G network in the coming years. Once that happens, this module will no longer work at all. The LYRICLTE-A (AT&T LTE) will provide faster and more reliable service. You will need to upgrade to that communicator in the coming years if you have a Lyric-3G activated. Or if Verizon works better in your area, go with the LYRICLTE-V.

The Lyric-3G Communicator is good at what it does, and you can continue to use it as long as it remains active. Just remember that the AT&T 3G Network will be shut down before too long! If you are in the market for a new communicator, get the LYRICLTE-A instead!

Good: Reliable Connectivity, Easy Installation, Makes Lyric Dual-Path Ready

Bad: 3G Network Being Shut Down, Can No Longer Be Activated, LYRICLTE-A Provies Faster and More Reliable Service

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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The AT&T and CDMA units are both not LTE so you should just pick the provider that has the strongest signal in your home.
Is 3G better than plain CDMA? I have both Verizon and AT&T 4G LTE coverage.
This particular unit would use AT&T. Honeywell also offers one that uses Verizon (Lyric-CDMA) but there are none that use T-Mobile at this time.
We haven't had anyone test this in Mexico yet but we have used other AT&T cellular modules from Honeywell in Mexico with success so this may work.
Is this for any gsm carrier or strictly at&t? I was interested in using tmobile.
Hi, will this work in Mexico? I've been waiting for the Lyric Security System for a long time. Currently I use smartthings as a security system for my house but it doesn't feel as robust as a honeywell alarm system and I don't like its dependency on an internet connection.
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