Installing the Qolsys IQ Card-IS to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Installing the Qolsys IQ Card-IS to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2

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IQ Card-IS - Qolsys Zigbee Daughter Card for Image Sensor compatibility
IQ Card-IS
Qolsys Image Sensor Daughter Card
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In this video, Joe shows users how they can install a Qolsys IQ Card-IS inside a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Alarm System. The Card-IS will let allow the system to support Qolsys Image Sensors that operate using ZigBee technology. You will need to take off the panel from its back plate to install the Card-IS.

An image sensor is a unique piece of equipment. It basically consists of a motion sensor with a built-in camera. When the device's motion sensor is activated, its camera will produce a series of pictures. These images will be made available from and the panel for easy access. The end user can have send them text and email alerts whenever an image is sent. This is perfect for confirming an intrusion or a fire in the home and assuring that the proper authorities are sent.

The IQ Card-IS allows the IQ Panel 2 System to accept the ZigBee signals that are sent out from up to five Qolsys Image Sensor devices. The module uses the same antenna that is used by the PowerG Daughtercard found inside the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus Systems. As a result, it is not feasible to use both a Qolsys IQ Card-IS and a PowerG daughtercard in the same system. Luckily, there is another image sensor option for users who want an effective solution. There are DSC PowerG Image Sensors that will work great with the IQ Panel 2 Plus Systems. There are both indoor models and outdoor models for PowerG Image Sensors. If you plan on using PowerG Sensors, you should go with the PowerG Image Sensors as well.

If you decide to add a Qolsys IQ Card-IS, you will want to power down the system before you make the necessary hardware changes. You will need to open up the panel to access the board so that you can install the model. Remember to connect the antenna when setting up the device.


Hi DIY-ers. Joe from Alarm Grid here. And today we're going to show you how to add an image sensor board to a Qolsys IQ2. Now, before you go and install this card, which is a daughter module, into your Qolsys IQ2, you may want to just make sure which model of the IQ2 you do have, as there are different variants that support different things. The regular IQ2 panel supports the 319.5 megahertz sensors, which are Qolsys sensors and Interlogix sensors. They'll work directly with the system. If you have an IQ2 Plus, though, there are different variants of that which support different sensors. There's one variant that supports the Honeywell 345 megahertz sensors. And there's also a variant that supports the 433 megahertz sensors, which are native to DSC. The new panels, though, those IQ2 Panel Plus, they have the PowerG module installed inside of the system. And if you are using PowerG sensors, you're going to have to make a decision before you go and install the image sensor module to the system, the reason being is that the module for the PowerG and the module for the image sensor card, they both require the same antenna. And there's only one of those antennas inside of the system. So if you do have an IQ2 Panel Plus and you are using PowerG, you're going to have to make a decision as to whether you want to use the PowerG or the image sensors with the system. Today, though, we're going to show you how to install this module inside of the system, plug in the antenna to it, and get it to work. So when you take your Qolsys panel off of its back plate, there's three screws that you may encounter. I'm going to take the back plate off now just to show you where all these could be. The main one is going to be the one that's mounted right in the middle on the bottom right here. It's a little set screw that will keep the system on the back plate. So I take the system off the wall. You'll see there's a little thread hole right there where a screw sits to keep it in there. Now, if you have this desk mounted or if you've just gotten your panel and you're just taking it out of the box, you'll notice that there may also be two screws in the top on the top two corners. These are the screw threads right up here. You're going to have to remove these also to get this system off of its back plate. So if you have removed the bottom one and you're still finding that you're not able to take it off of the back plate, it's likely that these two screws are in here. Now, you may notice that you're going to have to remove these anyways to get the back plate mounted on the wall, because you have to take this off to be able to access the keyhole right here and this main mounting opening right there. So just keep them on. There may be three screws on your Qolsys system that you have to remove to take it off of its back plate. If it's desk mounted, you'll likely have these two in the top that you have to take out or if it's right out of the box brand new. In most situations, though, you will have the set screw right here on the bottom. So just keep your eyes peeled for all those. So on our IQ Panel 2, what we're going to do first is power down the system. So slide down from the top. Click on Settings. Do Advanced Settings. Enter user code. And then we're going to enter the default dealer code, 2222. I'm going to click Power Down. I'm going to say OK. And the system's going to turn off. So after the light turns off and the screen is dead, there's two bottom buttons on the bottom of the system. You click them both, and it opens the system up. That allows us to hinge it down. Now, this little white tab right here, this is actually going to hold the system up while we work on it. And we're going to want to make sure to unplug the main power plug. So I have that out. The system's down. And as you can see, that white tab is going to hold the system up and allow us to do what we have to do. So the module area that we're going to install our image sensor card is this space right here. And this little wire, this is actually the antenna. Here is our image sensor card. As you can see, the female plug right there is going to connect to these pins on the card. All that I have to do is place it over the board, press down firmly and evenly. And then you're definitely going to want to install the screw on the right side just to make sure it doesn't wobble around. With that set, take your antenna. Place it on the port. Make sure it goes in nice and even. We're good to go. So now you're going to want to take your power plug, re-plug it in to the barrel connector. Put everything through your cutout. And then hinge the panel down onto its base. After you have it clipped in and secure, press the Power button on the right side of the unit until the LED turns on. And then the system will go through its boot process. So as you can see, the system is now booted back up. So just to make sure that we have our daughter card installed properly, let's hit the top button to slide down. We'll do Settings. We'll do Advanced Settings. Enter user code. I'm going to enter that same default 2222 code. And I'm going to go to System Test. From here, you can click on Daughter Cards Test. And then the image sensor module is right here. I'm going to click on Run. And as you can see, our result is passed, showing that we did install the module correctly. That's how to install an image sensor module in your Qolsys IQ2. If you do have any questions about installing this, the system itself, or what the daughter cards can support, feel free to give us a call at 888-818-7728. 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