IQ Card-IS

Qolsys Image Sensor Daughter Card

Iq card is qolsys zigbee daughter card for image sensor compatib

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The IQ Card-IS allows you to add up to five Qolsys Image Sensors to your IQ Panel 2. IQ Card-IS is an important component when completing your “smart” home security system.
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The IQ Card is made specifically for the IQ Panel 2 and is an add-on option. If you have Image Sensors in your home, you can easily install the IQ Card into your IQ Panel 2.

If you don’t currently have any Image Sensors, but think that you may have a few someday, you can install the IQ Card at any time.

The IQ Card-IS allows you to easily pair up to five Image Sensors with your IQ Panel 2. There’s no need to buy any extra devices or a different system, all you need is the IQ Card-IS.

Please Note: When the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus is purchased, it comes with the PowerG daughtercard pre-installed. The IQ Card-IS and the PowerG card use the same antenna. So, though you can install both cards inside the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus, only one of them can be connected to the antenna. Without an antenna connection, the range for either card will be approximately three feet. For this reason, consider carefully whether you want to use PowerG sensors, or Qolsys Image Sensors with your system before purchasing. If you feel that you will not use PowerG sensors, it is best to purchase the non-plus version of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2. There is a PowerG Image sensor but it currently has very limited capabilities when used in conjunction with

Who Benefits From The IQ Card-IS?

Do you have a basic IQ Panel 2 with little to no extra devices? Do you want to complete your home security system? Have you decided that you’d like to pair up a few Image Sensors with your IQ Panel?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, an IQ Card might be the right accessory to add to your IQ Panel.

We already know that there are many benefits to using an Image Sensor in your home and with your IQ Panel. Image Sensors take multiple pictures in and around your home, during daylight hours and at dusk, so you have the ability to monitor your home even when you’re not there.

Image Sensors offer a little added security to any household, and the IQ Card-IS is able to let IQ Panel 2 users add up to five Image Sensors to their home at any time.

Installing Your IQ Card-IS

Before you install your IQ Card, be sure to read all the instructions and keep any packaging and materials that come with the card; these materials may come in handy again. Whether you have a little experience installing IQ devices or this is your first time, read the instructions before you start the installation process.

The first step is to power down the IQ Panel. To do this, go to “settings,” touch “advanced settings,” enter the installer code 1-1-1-1, and then select, “Power Down.”

Powering Down Your IQ Panel

Once your panel is powered down, it’s always a safe and smart idea to unplug or disconnect the power by removing the barrel jack connector (this plugs into the inside of the panel) or by simply unplugging the power supply from the outlet in the wall. When unplugging or disconnecting, there’s no need to disconnect the battery in the IQ Panel.

Ready To Install The IQ Card

The next step is to push down on the two tabs located on the bottom of your IQ Panel; this will open the panel and pull it away from the back plate. If your IQ Panel is installed on the wall, use the hanging strap (which is located on the inside of the panel) and hang the front plate from the back plate.

Using the strap takes pressure off of the cord; don’t let the face plate hang from the cords inside the panel.

Look for the free space located about the Z-Wave radio; this is where the IQ Card will go. This should be in the lower right-hand corner of the panel (if you’re facing the panel and the panel is open). You should also see some tape holding the antenna to a foam block. Remove the tape and allow the antenna to be free.

Next, you will match the 8 pins on the bottom of your IQ Card-IS to the terminal on the IQ Panel and gently push it into place. After the card is connected to the terminal, attach the Image Sensor antenna to the IQ Card.

Use the provided locking screw to secure the IQ Card-IS into place, put the panel back together (using caution that no wires are pinched or twisted), and plug in the power supply.

Testing Out Your Installation

Once your IQ Panel is powered on, the panel with recognize the image sensor “daughter card.” To test out your installation and make sure the IQ Card is working properly, go to “settings,” “advanced settings,” enter your code (1-1-1-1), and then select “system tests.”

Choose “Daughter Cards Test” and then run the “Image Sensor Test.” This test may take up to two minutes. If your test fails, reboot the panel and try again. If you still encounter issues. Call the company for troubleshooting advice.

If you installed the IQ Card-IS properly, you should be ready to install and pair an Image Sensor with your IQ Panel 2.

Brand: Qolsys

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